Visions of Rock

Patrick Walsh | Scene4 Magazine

Patrick Walsh

[A found poem culled from some of
Rock, Folk, and Pop's most famous lyrics]




Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light —

I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off.

Well now you step inside but you don't see too many faces.


I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all,

In this life I've seen everything I can see, woman,

I've seen fire and I've seen rain,

I've seen the lights go out on Broadway,

The Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal I can see on clearer days.


I saw a werewolf drinkin' a piña colada in Trader Vic's — and his hair was perfect.




It seems like only yesterday I gazed through the glass

At ramblers, wild gamblers — that's all in the past.

I seen a lotta women, but she never escaped my mind . . .

I can see her lying back in her satin dress

In a room where you do what you don't confess.

Just remember this, my girl, when you look up in the sky:

You can see the stars and still not see the light (that's right.)


Now I'll never dance with another (ooh)

Since I saw her standing there . . .


I see my Marianne walkin' away.

I wanna know

Have you ever seen the rain

Comin' down a sunny day?

Because I've seen that movie too

And with you I can see a traffic jam straight up ahead.


Doctor, my eyes have seen the years

And the slow parade of tears

Without crying,

Now I want to understand.

Doctor, my eyes —

Tell me what is wrong.

Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?


Oh, what did you see, my blue-eyed son?


I see a red door

And I want it painted black.

Out on the road today I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.


And what did you see, my darling young one?


I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it,

I saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it,

I saw a black branch with blood that kept drippin',

I saw a room full of men with their hammers a-bleedin',

I saw a white ladder all covered with water,

I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken,

I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children….


What do you see when you turn out the lights?


I can't tell you, but I know it's mine.

Can you see the real me, doctor?




Look out of any window

Any morning, any evening, any day.

I'm just beginning to see —

Now I'm on my way.

Can't you see that I am not afraid?

I can see clearly now the rain is gone,

I can see all obstacles in my way.


See the sea like it used to be.


Catching the swirling wind

The sailor sees the rim of the land.

When you see the Southern Cross for the first time

You understand now why you came this way.

There's a feeling I get when I look

To The West

And my spirit is crying for leaving.

As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset

I am in Paradise.

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Patrick Walsh | Scene4 Magazine

Patrick Walsh is a writer and poet.
He writes a monthly column and is a Senior Writer for Scene4. For more of his columns and other writings, check the Archives.

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