The Birth of the Cool    


As we are emerging from this unrelenting year, into a promise of another Spring, our great state of Massachusetts is gradually coming alive with postponed and newly conceived art exhibitions. Among the latter, is a group pop-up show arranged by my new Artists' Collective, Array Contemporary. Three of my paintings – selections from what I like to call my post-minimal body of work – are thoughtfully arranged and handsomely exhibited.


Gerstein_Startled Awake (48x24)

"Startled Awake", 48in. x 24in. ( 122cm x 61cm) ,
Oil stick, acrylic, & mixed textural media on wood panel, 2019


This exhibition is up between now and early July; it would be an advantage to see it in person. My paintings' reliance on specific color relationships is here matched in importance by strong surface textures, so tricky to convey in reproduction. Thus, "2 BLU 4 U" uses both glass beads and a textural crystal gel for a two-tone surface effect.

Gerstein_2 Blu 4 U (24x24)

"2 BLU 4 U", 24" x 24" (61cm x  61cm),
Oil stick, acrylic, glass beads & textural media on wood panel, 2019


I am somewhere half way in developing this group of paintings, dating to its extraordinary birth 6 years ago – Athena out of the head of Zeus – the New Cool, made New by the use of the new textural materials.

Gerstein_The Cool Dude (24x24)

"The Cool Dude" , 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm),
Acrylic & textural media on wood panel, 2018


The evolution of this series, from fewer elements, the dissolution of the forms into planes and back, may warrant a longer presentation. In the mean time, you can see some of the steps on that journey at my painting website Here.

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Born and raised in Moscow, USSR, PHILIP GERSTEIN began exhibiting his work in the 1980's with the Boston Visual Artists Union, after pursuing a PhD in Art History at Harvard University.  He studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Japanese calligraphy with Toshu Ogawa. Philip has been exhibiting in NYC, Provincetown MA, and very extensively in the Boston area, as well as organizing and curating painting and photography shows. His work has been reviewed, reproduced and praised in numerous publications, including The Boston Globe, ArtScope Magazine, and Art New England, and he is the author of the prize-winning essay, "Art of Color: Beauty in art comes in so many forms; art of color is a special case of it." International Painting Annual 4. 1st. Cincinnati: Manifest Press, 2014.
More at http://www.PhilipGerstein.com
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