Balanchine | Renate Stendhal | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com


In Balanchine's Classroom
A documentary that says
'It Can't Be Done Any More'

Renate Stendhal

Black Women in Art

A stunning new exhibition that displays more than three centuries of art which features representations of black women or have been produced by black female artists.

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold

Black Women in Art | Carla Maria Verdino-Sullwold | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com
Patrick Melrose | reviewed by Miles David Moore | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com

The Indiscreet Charm
 of the Aristocracy
Patrick Melrose

The miniseries is well worth seeing. It looks marvelous, thanks to photographer James Friend and production designer Tom Burton.

Miles David Moore

Visual Poems


Dignity Blitz
Old Fogies
Search Party
Available On eBay


David Alpaugh

Visual Poems | David Alpaugh | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com


The Grey Cashmere Dress Overcoat
Michael Bettencourt | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comWhat to call this feeling, this "fitness"? Perhaps just that: fitness. Rightness. Something that pokes through the buffer layer of abstractions and metaphors.
Michael Bettencourt

Cooking, Cigarettes and Love
Arthur Danin Adler | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comNot only to be totally banned, it will be bannered as the ultimate crime against the state, against humanity, against gods and goddesses everywhere.
Arthur Danin Adler

Wednesday morning pick up
Claudine Jones | Scene4 MagazineWhat do you say when you don't have anything to say?
Reaching a sort of unprecedented level of energy and then burning through all or most of it.

Claudine Jones

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
The Story Behind A Pop Classic

Les Marcott | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comThe song reached number one on the U.S. pop charts in January of 1970.  Bacharach and David were honored with an Oscar for best original song.
Les Marcott

Gregory Luce | Scene4 MagazineWoodman exhibits a novelist's eye
for the telling detail and a poet's gift
for rich language.

Gregory Luce

Prima Facie
Patrick Walsh | Scene4 MagazineMy face — imperfect forger, now I know the way you work:
Each day you replicate the cells that were yourself,
Tiny, detailed batches and almost every one matches.

Patrick Walsh



Welcome to the Hotel Montparnasse
Is this a book of poetry masquerading as correspondence written on hotel stationery?
Karren Alenier

Kandinsky Anew | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

Violet: The Production That Wasn't
This is Jelena's story of her Sad Failure to bring about a
production of Kandinsky's stage play, Violet, in Wiesbaden.

Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud

Ajarn Lawan Upa-in
อาจารย์ ลาวัณย์ อุปอินทร ศิลปินแห่งชาติ

She is the first woman to be honored
as a Thai National Artist in the field of
 visual arts (painting).

Janine Yasovant

Ajarn Lawan Upa-in | interview with Janine Yasovant | Scene4 Magazine - November 2021 www.scene4.com

Casey: On Grief and Bacon

From my many experiences with death, I know that we're not really supposed to talk about it. I'm not saying anything new, and not speaking for everyone.

Lissa Tyler Renaud

Casey: On Grief and Bacon | Lissa TYler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com

I Left at Dawn for the
 Eternal City:
It Seems That I Have
 Misplaced Several Days
Part Two

Brian George

I Left at Dawn for the  Eternal City: It Seems That I Have  Misplaced Several Days Part Two | Brian George | Scene4 Magazine - November 2021 www.scene4.com



Thirty-Seven Degrees | Jon Rendell | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com
Painting? or Drawing? | Phillip Gerstein | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com
Gypsy Dancer #2 | David Wiley | Scene4 Magazine | November 2021 | www.scene4.com|
Fire Reborn | The Art of SS Burrus-A Retrospective | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

Thirty-Seven Degrees
The Photography of Jon Rendell

1 November 2021–30 January 2022
Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Atrium Gallery, Level 35

Images of San Francisco (37º above the equator) with recent images of Melbourne (37º below the equator)

Painting? or Drawing?
Draw Your Own Conclusions

The Art of Philip Gerstein

Gypsy Dancer #2
The Art of David Wiley

The Art of SS. Burrus
A Retrospective

When the Earth is ravaged
and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people will appear
on the Earth


"He's A Brother"   Altenir Silva 
A Treatment based on the story of Jacob DeShazer from the book "Return of the Raider: A Doolittle Raider's story of War & Forgiveness" by Donald M. Goldstein and Carol Aiko DeShazer Dixon.

Coronavirus Solitary  Vincent H. O'Neil
Why is this happening?  What did I do to deserve this? 
How do people I only know as faces on the TV get to send me
to my room, and not tell me when I can come out again?



Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Audio | Theatre Thoughts  | Michael Bettencourt  | www.scene4.com

Theatre Thoughts
An entertaining array of audio essays on an array
of theatre topics by an astute and entertaining essayist

You Don't Say!
Occasional Musings by an occasionally amused writer



Undress Me  
In a bar, Laura turns to Stefan and asks him to undress her
by word of mouth, in his best mother tongue

Light Fantastic 
Weighty matters of brain neurons and addiction, two kisses,
single-malt scotch, and the green dance of blue and yellow lasers

Ear Buds
What happens when we love our devices
 — and they love us back

The Greed Gene
A young couple is told by their genetic counselor that
their child has the greed gene, there is nothing they can do


Letters to
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Karren Alenier
The Dresser addresses what's
underneath the art

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