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(thanks to the ruthless target-practice of bored blue jays)


15 May


window sizes:

43.75" x 26.25"

Berkeley Glass  

2.4mm [like most windows]

8lbs times 8 windows


possible discount for bulk order?

[don't forget quarter inch ease] 



static cling film:

"Austin" [shoji-ish]

32" x 96" = 419.96

even on sale

costs more than the glass



16 May



peel and stick shoji film

White Cloud Dragon

3' x 29'=238.96 plus shipping

sold out

try again later


20 May


you know what? fuck these guys

mom and pop my ass

everything even remotely interesting

sold out

and fuck windowfilms, too.

their cheapest stuff is still

as much as the glass


21 May


'what are you doing to my tea house?'

do not bring up this subject again

with contractor-brother

I'm sorry, I refuse to use sheets of plastic


24 May 


royal pain getting the torn paper off

get rid of all the old glue residue?

past the really bumpy stuff

probably not worth the effort


25 May


tough to find paper wide enough

and other product

comes waaaay too wide


26 May


plain shoji paper through Amazon

(dammit) cheap and

correct size!

but birds will go straight through it.

adhere to glass?

spray adhesive?


28 May


mentioned project to old guy

handyman/tree-trimmer Patrick

said he could help

especially with the lifting

in trade for some reflexology

how cool is that!


06 June


new careful measurements

[see corrected custom dimensions]

go with Berkeley Glass

plus window film

sent Amazon paper back


08 June


new perspective!

forget windowfilm forget glass!

shoji-style clean white

Fiberglass paper

48" wide by the running foot

w/price break comes in around

$400 total w/shipping.

guy sez it should work for bird beaks!!


09 June


7yds ordered UPS

~week from Chicago

heavy duty Double-sided Uline

1/2" sticky tape

Reno 1 day delivery


12 June


ready for mass production


14 June


updated Patrick

still have one test-piece of glass

for experimenting


24 June


all set

where's Patrick?


26 June


fuck it.

start by myself


27 June


some missteps:

#1 better cut the fiberglass

with scissors not x-acto

#2 place into the window frame

to double-check the size

before applying the sticky tape

otherwise it buckles.


28 June


okay, fiberglass is funky

stiff and dangerous;

only handle it with gloves on

or you will be sorry.


29 June


taking a day off for itch


30 June   


still buckling


1 July


new idea:

how about

tiny brass nails

secure the paper outside

to the window grids,

so it won't come loose in the wind.

interior wood effect might be kinda cool.

lucky our little hardware store is close  


12 July


practice glass stored for now

Patrick still MIA


16 July


brass nail thing on hold

drilling a bunch of pilot holes oof!

I mean, this old recycled wood

is like cement

and more important,

the paper position is irrelevant.

each window frame can be reversed

if they don't end up

looking all that good

at the end of the day

then flipped at will can the frames be



I'm losing it


17 July


going through my stock of blue gloves

fiberglass a total bitch

entire 7yd roll trimmed lengthwise

lifting out the frames is exhausting

have to pace the work.

at least with no glass

it's now a one-person job


18 July


can do 1 per day


with learning curve.

cutting skills suck,

brown gaffers tape to cover up mistakes

not enough product left for any re-do

jury still out on face-in/face-out

there are many examples of screens

either way

I didn't make this up.

the sensation of the wood

from the inside

is warm and welcoming


19 July


brown tape looks terrible


20 July


took brass nails back


22 July


Patrick appears to have disappeared

last text almost three weeks ago.


23 July


ordered some 'white' tape

more cream than hospital white,

guess it will do.

can't lift those frames

without getting tired.


25 July


what the hell? next door neighbors

tearing down their deck—

distracting and noisy.


01 August


white tape looks terrible


06 August


'tan' color tape

coming in the mail


08 August

grid to outside

stop fighting it


10 August


smoke from distant fires

difficult to work outside.

crew next door arrives early

knocks off at 2:30.

sent tan tape back


12 August


making pies and reading.


16 August


hope Patrick's not dead

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