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The great Swedish playwright, August Strindberg, among others, adamantly claimed that the only difference between humans is male and female. He was uppsalaistically right. There are no races, just one species: homo sapiens. Racisim is a fraud, a tool, a weapon, a cudgel. Skin color, hair, nose and toes are part of a desultory external costume. Inside the human being, there's but one identity, and of course, genitals have a tale to tell.

Our latest "grand awakening", with its lack of over-arching historical perspective, launches the response: So what else is new? For over 10,000 years (or more) the human male has pummeled 99% of his species, primarily in these four persona: clergyman, military man, politician, capitalist… the latter being self-motivated and providing the motivation for the other three. Profit and power. Think about it, read about it. It has always been that way. We aren't just discovering it. 10,000 years of clergy, soldiers, kings, and merchants. That's our history. Still is.

Witness: Putin's rape of Ukraine.

On January 24, 1920 Amadeo Modigliani died of tubercular meningitis. He was 35. A day later, in suicidal grief, Jeanne Hébuterne, his common-law wife and mother of one child, jumped from a fifth floor window at her parents' home killing herself and a second unborn child. She was 21.

During his brief, prolific career, Modigliani's work and his life-style were considered obscene and scorned. Hébuterne was considered obscene by her family even for a long, lingering time after her death. Obscene work that is today revered and collected as masterpieces. Recently, one of Modigliani's 'obscenities' was 'scorned' to the tuneful price of $55.7 million dollars. An obscene relationship that over the years has become a maudlin, romantic, signatory legend of despairing artistry and doomed love.

There is no obscenity in the arts. There is only a perspective that deems and labels out of ignorance, fear, politics, financial gain, and severe self-displeasure.

Obscenity is in the mind of the beholder.

Witness: A Texas schoolboard.


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Arrthur Danin Adler | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com
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