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Best Methasit
(Methasit Bunaikbuth)

Experimenting has finally
become a form of my work

Janine Yasovant
with Danin Adler


The systematic and continuous job interviews from a new generation of artists tell me that artist printmaking is not just a form called engraving or etching.

The history of the printed visual arts includes evidence of creation since prehistoric times. Cro-Magnon people were evidently the first to start creating print art. It appears in Las-caux Cave, France, and Altamira Cave, Spain, as animal-shaped stripes, evidence of the process of human printing in the past. There is also initial evidence of stencil printing by using the hands as patterns on the walls of the cave, molding the hands and spraying or blowing paint on the back of them. The hand part blocks the paint, the paint sprays through the gaps of the fingers. It appears as an image clearly showing the outer shape boundaries of the palm. It is a simple printing process.

Prints date back to prehistoric times (200,000 years ago. (BC). Later, Egyptians and Mesopotamians printed images using pressure stamps on soft materials such as soil, wax. When paper was invented, they turned soil or wax supporting materials into paper instead. Since then, printmaking has evolved steadily in terms of patterns, printing strategies based on human evolution, and advancements in science and technology.

Advancement in printing is what promotes advancement in the arts of science because humans create print processes to meet their needs. In spreading human thought and knowledge widely, as well as to preserve knowledge for future generations to learn about the history of knowledge in various subjects. .

The evolution of printing in Eastern countries  shows that China was the first to invent printmaking by carving on stones, jade, ivory, animal bones and animal horns to make molds and pressing the molds onto clay. This printing knowledge was passed on to Western countries and major neighboring countries, including Japan. Korea, which developed this printing knowledge, successfully made typography out of metal. In Japan, printing was developed to be accepted as valuable prints, It strongly influenced the art of Western countries in the 19th century.

For printmaking in Thailand, the initial phase was made for commercial artistic use,  mostly illustrated books. It was later developed into printmaking work in the education system, with the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture. Silpakorn University, a pioneer in printmaking teaching, and later other institutions. Prints by Thai artists are internationally recognized.


JY.  Please tell the reader your story of the artwork in your designs.

BM. It all starts with childhood. A kid who likes to play, likes to learn, like most kids, likes to experiment, likes to do things that he never does, which is what shaped and inspired me to take it as a future creation. As for the reasons I liked to work in art, I started with my father always drawing on things, cartoon characters in my childhood, until I was 15. I was in the writers' club at Debsirin School, giving me the idea that one day I would have my own book with me and my father drawing in my book, and then I began learning to draw from Sawang, who was an art teacher in my neighborhood, and after  a year I began to study painting seriously at  the Art Institute for the entrance examination of the University called Dectivo Studio of Art, with the goal of entering the Poh-Chang Academy of Arts, which was an educational institution that in the past my father wanted to come to study but he had no chance of, and had a spare goal: the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking at the University of Fine Arts. After that, I got stuck in the seeding of a mechanic in the print arts department.


At this printmaking department that began to spark my artist journey, I met many talented people, met many friends from different institutions, exchanged ideas for work practices, and met professors in the department who gave me a lot of advice, consulted on various subjects, learned a lot of different print techniques, experimented with, which allowed me to know that what I liked best in the printmaking work was not to use portrait creation. Instead, experimenting, learning and having fun back and forth, the techniques of working on printmaking are so many, we can enjoy playing, experimenting with techniques that we do not know endlessly, and experimenting has finally become a form of my work.

I'm currently working as a printmaker at Pineapple Print Press Studio and Gallery, which is another place where I get into the system of printmaking even more, learn new techniques, new systems, meet a lot of artists, talk to a lot of different artists, hear a lot of different artists' conceptual styles, all of which I've described, all of which have fused together to be me today.


JY. Please tell your personal stories, interests in art, history, study, work, family.

BM. Printmaker: currently working at Pineappleprintpress Studio and Gallery, located near Rama 3. Sometimes there is an opportunity to teach and workhop to the general public and students to try basic print art and personal work during their free time at work.

Interest in art: I personally like the work that when I look at it and I know, I have a question for myself what techniques this artist gives to me, what techniques this artist gives to create, especially in printmaking techniques, which Thailand now knows very little about.


JY. Please tell me about the inspiring works, favorite artists, submissions to contests or auctions for charity

BM. Wassily Kandinsky's work Circles in a Circle inspired me a lot in print art, as the overlap of colors in the circle led me to take it as an idea for a Texture overlap in printmaking.


I started submitting to contests by seeing posts inviting to overseas contests in international print groups on Facebook, and then seeing pictures of myself being stuck in international galleries, so I felt like we couldn't stop there and sending to contests abroad continuously for the purpose of publishing their prints to the world.


Speaking of print art in Thailand, there is quite a pattern of work quite clearly, too, which is that the advantage is that people who look at the work can immediately realize that it is from a Thai artist. As a result, it may be that the work of print art in Thailand has developed very slowly, where in foreign countries, at present, printmaking work is in the era known as
Ex Libris. This is an experimental work like taking notes of the experiments of working on printmaking, figuring out new material methods of working in printmaking, It is a work that can be called trying to create new techniques for how to process prints, which I personally think the print industry in Thailand may not be able to keep up with.



Kindergarten-Elementary School at Sesavej School

Middle School at Thaweethapisek School

High school at Debsirin School

Study at Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin Campus,
Poh-Chang Academy of Arts


Resume : Participating events or solo events.

2562/2019 : 19.12.2019

Bienala Internationalade Gravura Mica Graphium print exhibition 2019 at Galeria Helios Timisoara Romania

2564/2021 : 19.04.2021

International mail art exhibition 2021 at Göl Bookstore Istanbul Turkey

2564/2021 : 27.04.2021

Qu.Bi International Miniprint Exchange 2020 at Qu.Bi Gallery Vicenza Italy

2564/2021 : 26.05.2021

International Print Mail Art Project 2021  Theme : See Things In Perspective at Grafisch Collectief Thoets Amsterdam Netherlands

2564/2021 : 08.07.2021

International TYPO Mail Art Project 2021 at The Mini Gallery of The Museum of Writing and Printing Grębocin Poland

2564/2021 : 01.08.2021

"Almost Endless" 4x6 Exhibition at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Altoona Pennsylvania American

2564/2021 : 19.08.2021

International Triennial of Ex-libris and Small Format Print Graphics at The International art center "Glavny Prospect" Yekaterinburg Russia

2564/2021 : 27.08.2021

2EX Printmaking Exhibition at Kalwit Studio & Gallery Bangkok Thailand

2564/2021 : 04.09.2021

III Prize The Second International mini-print Triennial "Intaglio" at White World Gallery Kyiv Ukraine

2564/2021 : 10.09.2021

22. International Triennial Grenchen at Marktplatz Grenchen Solothurn Switzerland

2564/2021 : 22.09.2021

International of Mail Art "Tributo a Dante" at Irpino Museum Avellino Italy

2564/2021 : 9.10.2021

Rassegna D'Arte Contemporanea "Prima/21" at La Riseria Novara Italy

2564/2021 : 21.10.2021

4th Edition International contemporary engraving biennial n-e iasi at Muzeul de Artă Iași Romania

2564/2021 : 24.10.2021

The Spectre of Print : a Celebration of Ghosts at The inPrint Collective Studio Toronto Canada

2564/2021 : 6.11.2021

The 21st Mini Print International at The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press New York American

2564/2021 : 23.11.2021

2.International Mail Art Project Exhibition 2021 at Namazgah Culture Centre Kandira Turkey

2564/2021 : 29.11.2021

International printmaking exhibition 2021 "BUMP!" at Balıkesir University Balıkesir Turkey

2564/2021 : 09.12.2021

Not So Mini Exhibition & Fundraiser at Alberta Printmakers Alberta Canada

2565/2022 : 10.01.2022

Printmaking 2022 at The Art Center Dover American

2565/2022 : 25.01.2022

The First International Small Form Graphic Trienale & Exclibris "Plante For All" at Exhibition Hall of The Union of Artists Odessa Ukraine

2565/2022 : 03.02.2022

Cards for Community at Loft 112 Alberta Canada

2565/2022 : 04.03.2022

The 8th NBC MESHTEC Tokyo International Screen Print Biennial at Yurakucho Asahi Hall Square Gallery Tokyo Japanese

2565/2022 : 09.04.2022

In a Relation - Shade at Pineapple Print Press Studio & Gallery Bangkok Thailand




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