September 2022

The Lightness of Being

Philip Gerstein


"Shades of color... awake in the soul emotions

too fine to be expressed in words" ~Kandinsky



My dear reader!

I am happy to share this September feature, marking my two full years of posting with Scene4 Magazine.


These times yearn for a lightness of being — a lived experience to a few, an inspiration to many,  an aspiration to all.


Gerstein_Lightness of Being (40x30) adj

"Lightness of Being", 40 x 30 in. (102 x 76 cm),

 Acrylic & lacquer on wood panel, 2021


A closeup then, to deepen the flavor... notes of chestnut and raspberry, slowly dissolving as light reaches its full intensity.


Gerstein_Lightness of Being (40x30) detail

"Lightness of Being", detail


The lightness of being itself is an invitation to enjoy the sustained note.

Thence I humbly share Wassily Kandinsky's considered opinion: colors can clearly be left to speak for themselves... .


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Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Philip Gerstein began exhibiting his work in the 1980's, while pursuing a PhD in Art History at Harvard University. He studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Japanese calligraphy with Toshu Ogawa. Gerstein exhibits in NYC, Provincetown MA, and extensively in the Boston area, as well as organizing and curating painting and photography shows. His work has been reviewed, reproduced and praised in many publications, including The Boston Globe, ArtScope Magazine, and Art New England. For his other work in Scene4, check the Archives

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