December 2023

Postcards from Fitzroy 

The Photography of Jon Rendell

I recently relocated to an inner-city suburb of Melbourne. The area that is now known as Fitzroy and Collingwood was part of the territory of the country of the Woiwurrung people of the Kulin nation. 

Fitzroy is a vibrant and eclectic suburb that pulsates with creativity, diversity, and a rich historical tapestry. Renowned for its bohemian atmosphere, Fitzroy is a melting pot of cultures, art, and a haven for those seeking an alternative lifestyle. Its streets are adorned with colourful street art, reflecting the suburb's progressive and artistic spirit. Quirky boutiques, vintage stores, and bustling markets line the avenues, offering an array of unique finds and locally crafted treasures.

Beyond its artistic flair, Fitzroy boasts a dynamic culinary scene that caters to every palate. Cafés exude an inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, drawing locals and tourists alike to savour delightful brunches and artisanal pastries. The suburb also hosts a diverse range of restaurants, serving up global cuisines from Vietnamese pho to Italian pasta, contributing to its reputation as a foodie's paradise. Fitzroy's nightlife is equally vibrant, with eclectic bars, live music venues, and cozy pubs where residents and visitors come together to revel in the energetic ambiance. Amidst its lively streets and cultural diversity, Fitzroy embodies a captivating blend of history, artistry, and modern urban charm, making it a captivating destination for exploration and immersion.

First Nations artist Otis Hope Carey was commissioned to create a mural for Rose St, Fitzroy to make the road more pedestrian friendly and improve access to the Rose Street Market and other businesses on the street.

'Pause Menu' is the 'mum & pop' of board games bar & cafés.

Fitzroy is in a constant state of entropy.

Every weekend this (now) car park is transformed into a huge market space of vintage clothing, eco-conscious and unique items.

A private home.

This unusual example of a terrace house was built in 1886-87 for Dr Samuel Peacock. Its scale, comprising three-levels plus an attic-level in the distinct mansard roof, makes it a landmark in Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

Looking for a partner.

Mind and Body is a boutique gym in Fitzroy.

Initially, these laneways were used for the collection of night soil – human excrement collected at night from buckets or privies – and they are still useful routes for collecting rubbish and recycling bins. But laneways are increasingly being reclaimed as lively strips for cafes, bars, restaurants, and galleries in the city.

Brunswick Street is Fitzroy's main drag.


Melbourne has the world's largest tram network carrying over 60 million passengers per year.

What hipster hood is complete without an analog film store?

The worldwide 'Standard Hotel' franchise is about to open their latest venture in Fitzroy later this year.


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Jon Rendell was born into an auteur/photog family in Melbourne, Australia, in 1957 and grew up around cameras and film. He honed his craft under renowned photographer Athol Shmith at what is now Swinburne University (Prahran Campus, Melbourne). He was always captivated by shadows and finds himself hard-wired to focusing on the transitory, abstract shapes that come and go with the available light. For more of his photography in Scene4, check the Archives.

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December 2023

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