December 2023


Gandhi, Agatha Christie, and Musicals Re-Imagined
Another Sojourn in
London's West End.

Carla Maria Verdino Süllwold

Almodóvar Short Films
Part 1

Strange Way of Life

Both films take up cultural icons and twist them in amusing gay and feminist ways.
Renate Stendhal

The Destroyer (and Saver) of Worlds

The irony of his life is that, in order to save the world, he had to lead the effort to create a device that could destroy it.

Miles David Moore

Postcards from Fitzroy
Fitzroy is a vibrant and eclectic suburb that pulsates with creativity, diversity, and
 a rich historical tapestry

The Photography of Jon Rendell


Four Cat Poems
MichaelBettencourt | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comBandida feeds on the back deck / for herself and five / dubbed for the cowl of black fur / around the feline green of her eyes, / abandoned scarred by street edges / but safe on our back deck scarfing down  
Michael Bettencourt

Happiness and the Absurd
Arthur Danin Adler  Scene4 MagazineAt the core of human sentience, of human consciousness, the rock of repetition is at the center. Repetition is the gateway to memories and the throughway to the space-time of human self-understanding.
Arthur Danin Adler

Five Reasons for Fucking Around
Claudine Jones | Scene4 MagazineMy current routines, for the last couple of years anyway, revolve around weight loss, friends, family, music and mental health. To flesh out the details seems worthy.
Claudine Jones

A Minor Regional Writer
Les Marcott | Scene4 Magazine |
Early in his writing career, the late great Larry McMurtry found success with novels, Horseman, Pass By, Leaving Cheyenne, and The Last Picture Show
Les Marcott

The Persistence of Memory III
Gregory Luce | Scene4 MagazineI realized after I dispatched last month's column that I had failed to mention another kind of animal encounter that provided entertainment to my cohort and myself.
Gregory Luce

The Mantle
Patrick Walsh | Scene4 MagazineOne day, the gods Apollo and his half-brother Dionysus sat together over goblets of a timeless vintage discussing the virtues of music. Dionysus had decanted an amphora of his Olympian Cuvée.
Patrick Walsh


Legacy…that's the essence of  David Keplinger's Ice, his tribute poem to the legendary Russian poet Osip Mandelstam.
Karren Alenier

Exclusive Scene4 Interview

AI "chooses" and discusses December's favorite poem.

David Alpaugh

Kandinsky's Unpublished Letters, Published

Renaud Interviews Hahl-Fontaine
Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud

Amnat Kongwaree
อำนาจ คงวารี์
The most important role besides being an art teacher, is being a contemporary graphic artist in Thailand
Janine Yasovant

The Goddess as Active Listener
Part Three - Omphalos
 Each of us starts life as a world center, indifferent to the laws of time and space, sure that our call will result in a response

Brian George



Sad Men Write While They Cry - Part II     Altenir Silva  
There were so many gifts that I wished for, but I never thought I would receive one of them in the form of an encounter with a playwright.



How to Sing a Duet
(as a Visual Artist)
My artist friend and I are singing a duet, in visual art terms that is... by mounting a vibrant 2-person gallery exhibition in New York City this month.
The Art of Philip Gerstein

The Enigma of Contemplation
What It Is
The Art of David Wiley

The Art of SS. Burrus
A Retrospective

When the Earth is ravaged
and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people will appear
on the Earth

Patrick Nagel
It's in the Eyes



Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Audio | Theatre Thoughts  | Michael Bettencourt  |

Theatre Thoughts
An entertaining array of audio essays on an array
of theatre topics by an astute and entertaining essayist

You Don't Say!
Occasional Musings by an occasionally amused writer



Undress Me  
In a bar, Laura turns to Stefan and asks him to
undress her, by word of mouth, in his best mother tongue

Light Fantastic  
Weighty matters of brain neurons and addiction, two kisses, single-malt scotch, the green dance of blue, yellow lasers

Ear Buds
What happens when we love our devices
 — and they love us back

The Greed Gene
A young couple is told by their genetic counselor that
their child has the greed gene, there is nothing they can do


Letters to the Editor






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Karren Alenier
The Dresser addresses what's
underneath the art

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December 2023

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