New perspectives on Kandinsky’s “life in art,” from April 2019 through Last Month.

An Interview with Peter Selz on Kandinsky
by Lissa Tyler Renaud
April 2019

Introduction to the Series
by Lissa Tyler Renaud
May 2019

Kandinsky's Theatre Life
A Breathless Resume, Part 1

by Lissa Tyler Renaud
June 2019

Kandinsky's Theatre Life
A Breathless Resume, Part 2

by Lissa Tyler Renaud
July 2019

Materials in a Spiritual World
A Contextual Look at Kandinsky’s The Yellow Sound
by Clay Gold
August 2019

Memories of a Very Early Witness
by Jelena Hahl-Fontaine
Jelena Hahl-Fontaine has connected more “dots” than any other Kandinsky scholar.
September 2019

The Bauhaus as Inspiration
for Chinese Innovation

Report from Hangzhou
by Kiril Bolotnikov
October 2019

Kandinsky and the Totalitarian State
The next, haunting chapter of Kandinsky’s story.
by Zarina Zabrisky


Considering Kandinsky's Circles:
A Painter's Adventure of the Mind

by David Wiley
December 2019

Kandinsky’s Theatre of Abstraction:
Three Play Fragments

by Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud
January 2020

Kandinsky and Architecture
by Ross Wolfe
February 2020

Kandinsky in Russia:
The Language of Music

by Nadia Podzemskaia
March 2020

Kandinsky’s Theater of the Word:
From Sounds to

by Boris Sokolov
April 2020

Violet: Kandinsky’s Pre-Dada Masterwork
with first extracts in English
by Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud
May 2020

Kandinsky’s Creativity
Laughter, the Trouser Button
and the Sugar Pot
by Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud
June 2020

Peace and War:
Some Unknown Poems by Kandinsky
by Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud
July 2020

Dame Helen Mirren
on Kandinsky and Acting

Introduced by Lissa Tyler Renaud
August 2020

Wassily Kandinsky’s The Yellow Sound:
A Stageable Composition

Geraint D'Arcy
Introduced by Lissa Tyler Renaud
September 2020

Kandinsky and His Closest Friend,
Thomas de Hartmann

by Jelena Hahl-Fontaine and Lissa Tyler Renaud
October 2020

Towards International Unity:
Kandinsky's Inclusive Arts Aesthetic

by Lissa Tyler Renaud
November 2020

Kandinsky and Dance Photographs:
Applying a Comparatist Methodology

by Lee Edgar Tyler
Edited, with In Memorium
by Lissa Tyler Renaud
December 2020

Kandinsky: Writings Towards the
"Synthesizing" Theatre

by Lissa Tyler Renaud
The pleasure of knowing Kandinsky's wonderful
writings for the theatre
Introduction and
Part 1
January 2021

Part 2 February 2021

Part 3 March 2021




Series Editor: Lissa Tyler Renaud


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