October 2023

The Universe Is Good, But…

Altenir Silva

I SAID– I'm feeling too meaningless.

SHE– Yes! You're meaningless.

Then, I left Margot's house, never to return. But words are often spoken, yet never fulfilled. I wasn't any different from many people. Three days later, I found myself knocking on her door, and she allowed me to enter her house again. I should never have entered there.


I was running on the wet sidewalk after the rain, thinking that my life had taken a wrong turn. Desperately, completely lost in my reality, I stopped and began to spin, spin, spin until I fell to the ground. Seconds later, I got up, and suddenly, I saw "myself" coming in my direction.

What? I'm dreaming? Of course, not! It was real! I was seeing "myself" going somewhere. At that moment, I didn't resist and stopped "myself". "Where are you going?" "Myself" responded without showing any kind of astonishment, "I'm going to Margot's house!"

It was then that I realized, if I hadn't lost control of my mind, I was walking in a parallel universe. Would it be real? I didn't know! What I did know was that "myself" was going there ahead of me.

So, I was like, go ahead, tell me more. "Myself" looked deeply at me and said, "Three  days ago, she said to me that I was meaningless. I went away from there, but now, I'm returning to try to make peace. I love her so much."

Bingo! I was right. In the parallel universe, that meeting still hasn't occurred. I needed to do something to save "myself" from this horrible event. So, I decided to tell "myself" everything that happened between Margot and me that day, in which she had cursed all the hard words that exist in The Oxford English Dictionary to me. She cried so loudly that I got really angry, and... I made… I made a big mistake.


In court, seated in the defendant's chair, I confessed to unintentionally killing Margot. I explained that, after she had uttered a string of improper words directed at me, I pushed her. Unfortunately, she fell and struck her head forcefully on the floor. Overwhelmed by fear, I hurriedly fled the scene.


I told "myself" to do the right thing. Go there and ignore all the curse that she will be pitching at you. Forgive her, kiss her, make love with her, and be happy in your universe.


Before "myself" left, I was thinking about the possibility of swapping universes with him. Then, I would return to her house to try to do the right thing by myself. 

As it worked out that way, I held both of his hands and started spinning, spinning, spinning until "myself" disappeared. Oh, my God! Did it work out?


Margot was holding a gun at me, saying, "You're a lousy guy! I hate you, and the only way to get rid of you is like this," and then she fired two shots into my chest in the parallel universe.


After a long discussion without a winner, I said that I was feeling meaningless, and Margot responded to me that I was meaningless.

I thought for a while, then I got up from the sofa and asked, "It's over?" She replied, "I think so!"

I opened the door and went away from there. My heart feels a bit numb, by the way, there are so many universes; I just have to find one for myself.



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Altenir Silva is a Brazilian playwright and screenwriter working in mass media and communications, including Cinema, Theater, Television and the Web. His texts and scripts - both fiction and reality-based - have been presented , produced and performed in the US, the UK, and Brazil.
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October 2023

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