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december 2008

Miss You


[Dimly lit living room in a good size urban apartment.  Election returns are coming in on TV.  Kitchen lit from UR.  Kenny, 40ish man,  enters from kitchen,  carrying food and sits UC on couch.  Continues eating throughout scene that takes place DS on apron.]

[Light DS throughout scene

DSR, Jonathan enters w/light  baggage.]

Jonathan [laughing]…and I told her I would donate my mom's stuff, but first-dibs on the things that fit me. Bitch had some sweet things, ooo!

Erin  Like you need more…

Jonathan: Oh, don't get on me!

Erin: Well, you know—

J:  I'm missing accessories all over me.

E: You know I give you what you need, Jonathan.

J: Yeah, just ask—[takes out his phone]

E: Well—

J: Sweetie, I got to call…make a call, just a sec—

E: [Jittery] You thought about calling…Ah, shit!

J:  What?

E: Just thinking about Colleen—

J: Erin, I told you I'll take care of —

E: Ms. Squad Leader?

J: Well—

E: You better!

J: Yeah. [Knock on door] Speak of the devil…

E: Gimme a kiss; love you.  [leaves with a look, DL]

C: So much for calling!  I have to come looking for you at Erin's?  Where is he? Hiding?

J: Gimme a hug.

C: How was it?

J: Ugh. Kinda grim.  Weather.

C: Not cooperative.

J: Brrrr--right through you.  

C: But you're glad you went.

J: One of those things that if I said later that I couldn't make myself, I would be a total pussy. Not ready to have that on my resume, you feel me? [laughs] She wasn't even conscious—brother said he saw something, but I didn't—and I was sound asleep when she went, woke up around six and got over there; they said she was gone around 3am.

C: Oh…

[Uncomfortable silence.]

J: So, back again.  Now, I have to get on the whole Thing, except he's not going to, I know that.

C: Fuck that.

J: Come on, don't start.

C: Really?

J: I never felt like I needed to propose & he's okay with that, so what?  Except for the paperwork.  

C: You don't want to bypass that.

J: Girl, you know I want a cake and presents, and a dress…

C: And a baby…

J: Aaaahhhh!

C: Kenny's so ready!

J: Well, he's not Mommy.

C: You are so cute.

J: When I can do cute and be Mommy, we can talk.  Right now I'm scared of the financial stuff and he knows that—

C: We've had this out so many times. Are you listening?  I have no problem getting you on the title—just say! When you guys are ready.

J: Oy! Six years…

C: That's good, sweetie.

J: Well…

C: Come here, you!

J: [laughs]

[They rock each other in a hug.]

[DS Lights out}

[UC TV still going: We hear "On this historic night, it seems Prop 8 is still headed for passage…".  Kenny reaches across the couch to answering machine and presses a button. We hear mechanized voice: "You-have-one-old-message-and-no-new-messages. Message 1-Seven-Oh-Four-PM-Ju-ly-First- Two-Thousand-One:  

            "Hey, Kenny! Ooo, guess who this is…your favorite! Unh, hunh…Where you been, baby? Miss you! Heck of a mess out of town. Oy! Unh, hunh.  Ooo—you know what that means—bump the bump, hump and a bump—you know you like the boys with the pumps and the bump! [cracks up laughing] Call me back, it's Jonathan, 555-742-3741, …or call Erin!  Bye. [laughs]"

Kenny cries on the couch, in front of the T.V.]


©2008 Claudine Jones
©2008 Publication Scene4 Magazine

Like an orthopedic soprano, Actor/Singer/Dancer Claudine Jones has worked steadily in Bay Area joints for a number of decades. With her co-conspirator Jaz Bonhooley, she also has developed unique sound designs for local venues.
For more of her commentary and articles, check the Archives


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