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Michael Bettencourt
Seasonal Thoughts
When Shakespeare began "Richard III" with "Now is the winter of our discontent," he began with the wrong season.  Summer is the real season of discontent.

Arthur Meiselman
Owning Picasso
 I have a friend who owns a Picasso... and not much else. Which one? Don't ask, don't tell. He acquired this painting via less than legal and righteous means.

Nathan Thomas
An Idea
I helped found a theatre in the world of academia in 2003.  I had no real concept of who would show up or what we would
do if people showed up.
I did have an idea, though.

Les Marcott
Men In Suits
Men in suits populate talk radio with arrogant, pompous, cigar chomping, self-righteous bastards who hate diversity of opinion.  They only care about their own pocketbook.

Claudine Jones
Miss You
Dimly lit living room in a good size urban apartment.  Election returns are coming in on TV.  Kitchen lit from UR.  Kenny, 40ish man,  enters from kitchen

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