MODES OF TRANSPORTATION  The Art of David Wiley  Scene4 Magazine December 2013

Modes of Transportation I

The Art of David Wiley
and Poetry

The Revolutionary Calendar

Vendémiaire (vintage): to effloresce the passions

            that lie in the hearts of men and women

            alone or together;

Brumaire (fog): to shield us gently from the details

            that sometimes need to be obscured;

Frimaire (sleet): to sting us into waking

            from our torpor;

Nivôse (snow): to remind us of the passage of time

            piling slowly and steadily upon itself;

Pluviôse (rain): to wash away the old and give

            nourishment to the new;

Ventôse (wind): to bring us the united breath of all

            plants animals and rocks;

Germinal (seed): to immotalize what lived and

            helped to live then passed away;

Floréal (blossom): to show us the beauty of life

            for the sake of its own capricious beauty;

Praisal (pasture): to offer proof of the dependency of

            the living upon the dead;

Messidor (harvest): to reward the faithful for their

            belief in the soil;

Thermidor (heat): to stir the blood and sap that was

            born in the sun;

Fructidor (fruit): to fulfill our dreams of the simple

            luxury of all nature.

Art and Text Selection: Lissa Tyler Renaud

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David Wiley, painter-poet: graduate of U. Kansas; studied in Mexico and with artist Ignacio Belen in Barcelona. Widely traveled, he exhibits throughout California and abroad. Wiley has published two volumes of poetry: Designs for a Utopian Zoo (1992) and The Face of Creation (1996). Ongoing since 2005, Wiley has received mural commissions in Arizona, Mexico and California. A book about his work, The Poetry of Color, is in progress.
For more of his paintings, poetry and articles, check the Archives.
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