December 2013

Learning About Learning
Much of the learning in a MOOSG is about discovering how to learn outside the normal approaches. Learning with Gertrude Stein is setting the mind free.
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Karren LaLonde Alenier

My Old Man!
This Was Your Life
An ongoing series by
Scene4’s resident and swamp lovin’ mad cartoonist

Tsk-tsking begins here...
Elliot Feldman

Orf ‘86
A mythologized documentary
of a production of Gluck’s
Orfeo ed Euridice

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Norman MacAfee

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PITCHIT PAIDAN Arts of Thailand  Janine Yasovant December 2013
THIS WAS YOUR LIFE Comics by Elliot Feldman  Scene4 Magazine December 2013

Making Art in the Face of Disaster
As I write, images and sounds from the Philippines after last month’s typhoon overwhelm my radar screen.
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Kathi Wolfe

Arts of Thailand
Pitchit Paidan

Interview with award-winning Thai artist, Pitchit Paidan and a display of some of his paintings.
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Janine Yasovant
Click here for page in Thai

Orf'86 Norman MacAfee Scene4 Magazine December 2013
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December 2013

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