February 2011

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When Muppet-creator Jim Henson died in 1990, his wife Jane was asked to relate a memorable moment about him.  She chose to tell a story about a family trip to Italy and a visit to the Sistine Chapel.  As they all looked at Michelangelo's work, Henson said to his assembled clan, "Only a hack would have had the fingers touch."
Michael Bettencourt

Kubrick Remembered redux
As each year goes by, more and more people realize what film artists have known since the 1960's... he was and remains singular among the handful of unique filmmakers in the 20th century. As one director mused: "I look at the history of cinema and I see it divided into 'before Kubrick' and 'after Kubrick'."
Arthur Meiselman

This year marks my 30th anniversary in my little corner of the professional theatre game.  One of the features of my starting out was an on-going discussion about that fundamental concept – the intention.  Or was it your motivation?  Or your goal?
Or your objective?
Or was it . . . .?  Wait, it's your. . . uhmmm. . . . .

Nathan Thomas

The Game
I feel sorry for today's sports writers, especially those covering the pro football beat.  Increasingly with each passing season, their writing has very little to do with the game itself.  Because my friends, the game itself has very little in common with the game I and others of my age grew up watching in the 70's and 80's.
Les Marcott

Kitty Mommy
Talking through current
mish-mash on child-rearing
relentless parental repercussions over
transitory items
like pee and poop.
Claudine Jones

Ellen Stewart
Ellen Stewart (La Mama ETC), a remarkable human being, whose creative vision encompassed continents, has passed away. She was highly supportive of my efforts in the theater, as she was for everyone else with dreams and ambitions.pervasive, legendary & viral.

Ned Bobkoff

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February 2011

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