January 2005

Amidst the current tragedy in Asia and the insane tragedy in the Middle East along with the myriad disasters that plague life on this planet, we see hope... through the mind and eyes of the visionary Stanley Kubrick and others who see the future in the vast outreach of a universe that surrounds us and expands us.

Future New Year!

The Editors

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Nathan Thomas, Michael Bettencourt, Alex Danin Adler, Claudine Jones, Ned Bobkoff, Martin Challis, Andrea Kapsaski, Andréa Carvalho

Nathan Thomas
Bring The Funny

Michael Bettencourt
Argentine Picada

Arthur Meiselman
Krakatoa, East of Java

Ned Bobkoff
Isabella's Room

Martin Challis
Doing What We Do

Andrea Kapsaski
Hommage à Monsieur Hulot

Andréa Carvalho
   An Autopsy in Theatre (English)
           Uma autópsia no teatro (Português)

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Scene4 Renate Stendhal Reviews

Hard Nut
Sugary Nutcracker

Mark Morris
Matthew Bourne

Scene4 Bumper Cars The Steiny Road to Operadom Gertrude Stein Invents A Jump Early On by Karren Alenier
The Steiny Road
to Operadom with
Karren Alenier

Karren Alenier and Gertrude SteinAward-winning poet and writer Karren Alenier recounts a fascinating travelogue pastiche of the work-in-progress opera
Gertrude Stein Invents
A Jump Early On

This Month's installment

Arthur Kanegis on Film

The Worst
of Times
are the
Best of Times
The Explosion of Documentary Films
Michael Moore

Michael Moore Scene4
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Coming Soon!

The autobiography of legendary screenwriter, leader of the "Hollywood 10" and a founder of the WGA, Lester Cole, plus his unpublished plays, an unpublished novel, and an unpublished screenplay.

The novels of Jack Adler and Dianne Goodman Larson.

The plays of Rich Yurman, George Freek, Farzana Moon, Ned Bobkoff, Nathan Albright and others.

Unusual works from unusual writers
from AviarPress

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