The Steiny Road
to Operadom

Revolution of Forms
A new opera concerns an idea for an arts school that comes from a 1961 golf game on the site by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

 Karren Alenier

Life Among
the Heffalumps

I'm Going To Bleep Myself
 Maybe, the motto on our money should be changed from "In God We Trust" to "F-Yourself, We Trust."
Kathi Wolfe

The serialization of a new novel by
Martin Challis
Chapter Thirteen - Parting
They parted with their first kiss. He walked her to the edge of the field and watched her until the bend in the road. Jenni turned and waved. Andrew's heart was sore with admiration and wonder; something in his chest was expanding so rapidly as if to crack his ribs.

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Scene4 Magazine: Lia Beachy - La Femme La Mujer La Donna

La Femme La Mujer La Donna
The Stronger Sex
Roman Polanski was initially charged in 1977 with rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious acts upon a child under fourteen.
Lia Beachy

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Scene4 Magazine - Old Hippy "To Catch a, uh...Thief!" by Elliot Feldman-www.scene4.com
Scene4 Magazine: "Where Cedar Falls" by Martin Challis - www.scene4.com

Old Hippy
To Catch a, uh... Thief!
Elliot Feldman

Scene4 Magazine - TIMESHIP: The Architecture of Immortality - Interview with Stephen Valentine | Griselda Steiner - www.scene4.com

The Architecture Of Immortality
Interview with Stephen Valentine

Griselda Steiner

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June 2010

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