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Michael Bettencourt
Slings and Arrows
Last month, Barry Drogin
(whom I don't know) responded with thoughtfulness and provocation to my essay "Outrageous Fortune," based on TDF's new book about the life and times of the new play in American theatres.

Arthur Meiselman
The Quivering Muse of Cuisine
Journeying into a cuisine is an addiction, seldom a curse, mostly a delight. I've had as many addictions as you've had, probably more. My current addicition is Thai cuisine.

Nathan Thomas
Thinking Outside the Box
To all the black box theatres reading this column, please understand that I have nothing against you.  You are fine, worthy boxes. You haven't robbed nor killed.  You sit there serenely waiting for the next group of theatre folk to tread your floor.

Les Marcott
Manipulating the Language
If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be a duck right? Nope, not a duck, not a suspect, a person of interest.  Hey Joe, let's take our suspect…I mean person of interest downtown and interrogate…I mean get his take on an incident (crime) that happened yesterday.

Martin Challis
 Applied Theatre and the Story of Axel

Whether they be scenes, monologues, interviews or soliloquies I relate to the scenarios that are being played before me because I see others and myself with new eyes. My learning and growth are enabled by my capacity to discover myself through observation and reflection.

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June 2010

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