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March 2011

Scene4 Magazine: "White Wolf" | Griselda Steiner March 2011

by Griselda Steiner

White Wolf                                                   

Deep in the arctic snows                 
She waits for me                             
Great White                                      

Instinct tells me                               
The oyster sky                                 
South wind                                      
My feet on cold streets                   
Turning to four                                
Sound searching silent ground   

She will lead me to the pack                     

Eagle eyes track us cross              
Tundra forests                                 
Ice lakes                                           
Vast ridged terrain                                      
Run   - Run  -  Run                        

Under black star magnet skies     
The moon's low light                                  
Arcs the tree line                             
Casting shadows                            
On snow drifted rivers                                

Our brother's howl frosts the air   

Piercing our wolf bodies                
With great knowing                                    
With no language                           

No men plotting death                   
War with wasted religions             
No glittering green bombs             
Digging cities into history's sediment        
Layering poison with blood in the sand 

Pulling us to new lands
As the earth's shifting plates
With sacred geometry                    
To the light of the Shaman's fire
Spitting flint  
Building the Stone Mountain

This poem is dedicated to the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York that houses a small population of wolves and is dedicated to educating the public on the value of wolf conservation in the wild.


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©2011 Griselda Steiner
©2011 Publication Scene4 Magazine

Griselda Steiner has written book reviews, drama and poetry published in Scene4. Her new book is My Take ... Your Take (Cultural Reflections) at
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March 2011

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