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Nathan Thomas
Delcroze Eurhythmics and the Theatre
This is one of those by-ways out of the theatrical past
the use of Dalcroze eurhythmics in actor training in the 20th century

Michael Bettencourt
Let Us Now Praise Smaller Theatres
Over the last several years I have had the luck of being connected
with a truly wonderful theatre in Brooklyn, the Gallery Players

Arthur Meiselman
Juliet and Her Romeo – Redux
I saw a remarkable production recently in Ventura, California
(a not-remarkable place for the arts or anything else!)

Claudine Jones
Ergonomic Sock Drawer
The people are a mystery; worse yet, they’re a mad pastiche
of conflicting passions, unbalanced, ungrounded

Ned Bobkoff
A Little Oil Lamp Smoking
Adapting A Novel For The Stage
This issue in Focus

Andrea Kapsaski
Vengeance, Bloodlust & Afternoon Tea
Brimming with decadence, poetry, sensuality and wit

Martin Challis
Touching Water
Having recently been inspired to return to poetry as a means
of expression it seems appropriate to share this

Andréa Carvalho
Luiz Antonio Pilar: The Blacks in Brazil
This issue in Focus

 Luiz Antonio Pilar: Os Negros no Brasil
Nesta edição, é destaque na seção Focus.




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