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Michael Bettencourt

Arthur Meiselman

Nathan Thomas

Les Marcott

Martin Challis

Lia Beachy

Claudine Jones

Scene4 Magazine - inView - Commentary

Three Definitions of Real Theatre
Old Lady On A Ten-Speed, Eros On The Escalator, Playing Hoop

One of Plutarch's Lost Lives
It's the blood that matters

Community Theater
Just what is a community and what does it have to do with theater?

The Bristol Sessions
The Big Bang of Country Music

Heads or Tails: Emotion or Action - which comes first?
Does it matter which comes first?

Warning: This Article May Contain Spoilers
Is that all a good film is about... shock and awe?

Cat Fight
In my next life, I want to be a Gay triple threat

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september 2007

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