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Michael Bettencourt
Dogme(fill in the year)
In 1995, Danish directors Lars van Trier and Thomas Vinterberg issued the manifesto known as Dogme95, an attempt to "purify" filmmaking by doing away with
gimmicks and special effects

Arthur Meiselman
Lester Cole
He was a New York playwright, a prolific screenwriter during Hollywood's golden years, a leader and the most vehement
member of the blacklisted Hollywood Ten

Nathan Thomas
Sometimes a theatre doesn’t need to become an industrial showplace. Sometimes a company can look toward creating relationships with its members and its audience. Sometimes it doesn’t
have to be about money first

 Les Marcott
Defending Jon Voight
Who knew he was a raving mad conservative? At least he’s not foaming at the mouth yet, or maybe he is

Claudine Jones
No Hamstrings in Heaven
I got hooked on So You Think You Can Dance—even though it’s FOX
and I should be boycotting them

Martin Challis
A Christmas Eve with Godot

After the performance it was hard to describe it to one another, yet each of us knew something extraordinary had happened

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