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You may be a performing artist or a composing artist, a writer, a director, a filmmaker, a quasi-Luddite or a ‘who me?’,
whatever... you’re truly a rare bird if you are not using a computer. But if you are,
you must adhere to the Gospel According to Murphy:
If it can go wrong, it will!

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september 2008

And that means one thing: Obey the first three commandments of Murphy’s Gospel:

        I.   Backup
        II.  Backup
        III. Backup

Along with ‘don’t spill your coffee into your keyboard’, backing up your data on a regular, timely basis is one of the simplest ways to protect your sanity when faced with any of the ‘gotcha’ demons: lost/corrupted files, a hard disk collapse, or saints-preserve-us, a computer meltdown.

It’s now a simple, inexpensive process to protect all of your data—your email, your photos, your journals, your whatever is important to you that you don’t want to lose. You don’t have to be a computer whiz or a nascent nerd to control this necessary part of your digital life. There are a bundle of applications out there along with an array of online services to comfortably automate your backup needs. One of the easiest to use and most comprehensive backup systems we’ve tested is the Genie Backup Manager. It is designed with you in mind, whether you are a computer newbie or an experienced user, a techno-literate or techno-challenged.

It simply begins here.

Scene4 Magazine: NewTechnology Genie-Backup-Start 

And from this point, Genie prompts you quickly through a series of steps to preserve your data. If all you want to do is backup it up and keep it safe. Genie will take care of it. If you have a more elaborate scheme you want to follow, Genie will do for you what the most expensive systems will charge you and arm-and-a-leg to do. This well-designed, thoroughly tested program offers an astonishing list of features and tools, thorough online help along with responsive technical support, and an Online Storage Service if you don’t want to backup to your own computer or you live in hurricane country. Unfortunately, Genie Backup is available only for the Windows operating system.

The graphics you see here are for the Pro version which is $69.95 (USD). The Home version is $49.95, and there is a Free 30-day trial version to test it for yourself without any cost. You can surf it out at:

And here is a ‘see-what-I-mean’ list of Genie’s main features to spark your curiosity:

    Genie Backup Main Features
    2-Mode Wizard-Based Interface
    Backup To Virtually Any Storage Device
    Backup The Following Items
     File and Folders
     Programs and Program Settings
     for Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007 Data
     Microsoft Outlook Express Data
     Windows Mail
     Windows Contacts
     Windows Registry
     Windows Settings
     Windows Favorites
     Internet Explorer Settings
     Windows Address Book
     Windows Desktop
     Windows Fonts
     My Documents
     Photo Files
     Media Files  
     Perform Full, Increment, Mirror And Differential Backups
     Multi-Drive Spanning
     Multi-Disk Spanning
     Free Plug-ins 
     Running Backup Tasks While Logged Off 
     File Access Manager 
     Self Restorable Backup Media Sets 
     Highly Secure AES Encryption(128, 192, and 256) 
     File Filtering And Auto Exclude 
     Schedule Backups To Run Unattended 
     Email Notifications Of Performed Backups 
     Cataloging, With The Ability To Search And Restore Files 
     Free Technical Support For On-The-Shelf Products 
     One Year Of Free Major And Minor Upgrades 
     Bit By Bit And Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Verification 
     Supports Windows Visual Accessibility Options 
     Pre and Post Job Commands 
     Simulate CD/DVD Burning Before Committing Data To Disc 
     Enhanced 64-Bit Zip Engine
     Backup Files As Large As 8 Terra Bytes
     Full Disaster Recovery

— Martin Selkirk

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