September 2013

Hannah Arendt
Upon exiting Margarethe von Trotta's film Hannah Arendt, some thoughts about what Gertrude Stein said about World War II and Germans.
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Karren LaLonde Alenier

My Old Man!
This is a sardine can Boychik, you should have a got a Buick

An ongoing series by
Scene4's resident and Florida swamp-loving mad cartoonist.

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Elliot Feldman

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This is a sardine can Boychik, you should have a got a Buick. Comics by Elliot Feldman  Scene4 Magazine September 2013


Friendship in the City
The Real Love Story

One reason why "Sex" is beloved by its fans (and some, mostly female critics), yet frequently discounted by many male critics, is its celebration of female friendship.
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Kathi Wolfe

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September 2013

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