September 2013


Affirmative Action Reaction
Michael Bettencourt
Scene4 Magazine: Michael Bettencourt |

I hate to say this but, yes, I,
 a middle-aged, balding, white male,
 benefitted from affirmative action.
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Where Silence Has Lease
 Arthur Meiselman
Scene4 Magazine: Arthur Meiselman |
For ten years we were lovers
 an affair of the heart, I called it. No,
 you are a thief of hearts, she would say.

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Another Dichotomy
Nathan Thomas
Scene4 Magazine: Nathan Thomas | 
All stories have plot holes. Get over it.
The amazing thing is that
 we pay so little attention to them.

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The Night Charlie Rich Burned the Envelope
Les Marcott
Scene4 Magazine: Les Marcott |

I enjoy the unscripted utterance, the
 moment of clarity, the inconvenient truth,
 the proverbial skunk at the garden party.
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Claudine Jones
Scene4 Magazine: Claudine Jones |
 Rats. Almost got myself arrested today
 at a protest. It would have been
 my first time but I wasn't quite prepared

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September 2013

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