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Resisting Versus Surviving

Resistance To Doom
I had to make room for hope.

Karren LaLonde Alenier

Scene4 Magazine inSight -

The Steiny Road To Operadom | Karren LaLonde Alenier | Scene4 Magazine |
"Salome" at SF Ballet | reviewed by Renate Stendhal | Scene4 Magazine - April 2017

At SF Ballet

It has all the glamorous elements of a Hollywood movie, with the surreal touch, adult sexuality and violence.

Renate Stendhal

How Old Was Salome?

Kim Chernin

Arts of Thailand
Udom Wanjing

My only wish is to make people realize the significance of nature which acts like a great mother who gives birth to all living beings
in this world.

Janine Yasovant
คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

Udom Wanjing | interview by Janine Yasovant | Scene4 Magazine | April 2017 |
Colors of the Roundtable: Episode 7-Part IV | David Wiley | Scene4 Magazine | April 2017 |

Episode 7:
Visions Of Paradise - Part IV

"During our visit from Lady Chameleon, Lady Magenta and I were holding hands, and a kind of miracle occurred between us”.

David Wiley

Old Fart Village

War of
the Walkers

Elliot Feldman

Cartoon: Old Fart Village | Elliot Feldman | Scene4 Magazine-April 2017 |
"Champion" at the WNO | reviewed by Karren LaLonde Alenier | Scene4 Magazine - April 2017 |

A Jazz Opera

A unique entry in opera with a musical palette that slides back and forth between a modern classical construction (played by a orchestra) and full blown jazz with its own jazz quartet.

Karren LaLonde Alenier

Amour Fou

“Wasn’t this the life everyone wanted?”
Third excerpt from
Kiss Me Again, Paris
a memoir by
Renate Stendhal

Amour Fou | Renate Stendhal | Scene4 Magazine-April 2017 | www,
The Other Side of History | Griselda Steiner | Scene4 Magazine | April 2017 |

The Other Side
of History

The Living Goddesses
by Marija Gimbutas
Reflections on a higher vision of female identity.

Griselda Steiner



April 2017

Volume 17 Issue 11

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