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Aida | Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold | Scene4 Magazine-December 2017 |

Across the Pond

Autumn in
London's West End

Carla Maria

Strange Landscapes

Blade Runner 2049
The Florida Project

 Two recent and very different movies share a common theme of being set in disorienting and threatening places

Miles David Moore

Blade Runner 2049 | reviewed by Miles David Moore | Scene4 Magazine-December 2017 |
On the Road withAgnès Varda | Catherine Conway Honig | Scene4 Magazine-December2017 | www,

On the Road with
Agnès Varda

Nearing 90 and almost blind, French new wave filmmaker Agnès Varda remains as creative, curious, and intuitive as ever

Catherine Conway Honig

Cliquez-ici pour lire en français.


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Agnès Varda


Yuttana Phongphasuk


Waterfront Moods 


December 2017

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