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A Spiritual Discipline
Michael Bettencourt-Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comA spiritual discipline begins in sadness. This thought came to me
and then left, without leaving any hints.

Michael Bettencourt

All The King's Men
Arthur Meiselman-Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comIf they don't deliver, give me the hammer and I'll do it.
Nail 'em up! Nail'em up! Nail em up! Nail em up!
Arthur Meiselman

sign only
Claudine Jones-Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comI made the mistake of answering my cellphone last night after dinner downtown. We were out on the sidewalk taking a constitutional.
Claudine Jones

On Directing
Nathan Thomas-Scene4 Magazine |
Directing is a mug's game.  The current culture in the theatre favors a director, but there are serious flaws in the system.
Nathan Thomas

A Walk Through Newry
Patrick Walsh-Scene4 Magazine |
All over the world, in markets and plazas, on red clay ruts generously termed "roads" and along ancient streets , people live with guns pointed at them.
Patrick Walsh

The Santa Claus Monologues
Les Marcottt-Scene4 Magazine |
There's no red carpet treatment this year, Santa. No helicopter arrival.
No band. No parade. No fanfare. No grand entrance.

Les Marcott


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December 2017

Volume 18 Issue 7

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