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Palut Marod
Art is all about experiences and
what touches your heart. 

Janine Yasovant


Palut Marod calls the art he has created for a long time… idealistic. The personal ideal job, he said to me. The way he works is constantly changing. He has been working for a long time with oil painting, since studying in university until becoming an independent artist. He is also interested in bringing out mixed media as an interesting presentation. He believes that the artist should have a stand, have a pattern and have unique work. He is confident that artists should be satisfied with changes rather than being stuck with creating traditional jobs.

During his study at Silpakorn University, Palut found that he enjoyed mixed media as well. He says:

"Art is all about the experience, and what touches your heart. When I experience something, someone, or some event, I want to express it in my art.  Each experience is dynamic and unique, so, the media and techniques I use also need to be as ever-changing and dynamic."


He dared to present the difference in the work he had prepared. The experiments gave him a feeling of not being boring. And he is always happy when there is a presentation that comes from the creativeness of change.

A Prolific and International Artist

Palut Marod graduated B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Silpakorn University, Bangkok and has received numerous scholarships to study in Italy, France, India, and China. His paintings were auctioned at Christie's and Sotheby's Hong Kong on several occasions and were exhibited in Romania, France, Lebanon, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, India, and Thailand.


Here is my interview him:

JY. Please tell me your inspiration for making art from past to present.

PM. As I have been working for the past 20 years, I have always been using oil painting and using a leaner drawing method, gradual and time-consuming. This method can respond well to my thoughts and feelings at that moment. But the worktakes a long time to do. After doing this kind of process for over 20 years, I thought I wanted to try something fun and get out of my comfort zone, wanted the excitement to try something new for myself. To meet the ideas of today's era with the Internet world and various information coming in, the process of thinking has evolved and changed. Five years ago I wanted to be an artist named after my work. That self is from the 'dark line', my solo show, mixed media in presentations. There are three things: Canvas, paper, and images from photos. It is a variety of color combinations of the technique of working a Solo Exhibition "The Secret of Devil" at Subhashok, The Arts Center is an event where I have  shown various talents using puppets as model coloring in photos and using symbols (which is a time of satisfaction) to invite the audience to come and see it once before die.


When the times changed, the old methods and techniques didn't respond, so I had to experiment. My favorite and fun way of working is response to current ideas which I have, interests in many areas, but in the environment close to me is a matter of shapes like two young sons: religion and nature. By using a new method, learning something new with acrylic paints, which I rarely used. But when you do it often, you become proficient.


There was the thought of how to make it different from other artists using the same technique. So I tried to make Semi-Abstract, the technique of folding paper with colors, the Rorschach Technique, and using acrylic colors. I called his way of working a "Butterfly Effect."



Art as a Path to Happiness

Buddhism has played a crucial role in Palut's life and art.  He was raised a devout Buddhist, so the path of finding eternal happiness and enlightenment, while detaching oneself from suffering is the foundation of his artistic creation. Later, Kahlil Gibran, love, heartaches, Francesco Clemente, to name a few, helped shaped his art. 

JY. Please tell us about the works of art that have opinions you want the readers to understand.

PM. Probably my current work. I think an artist must be a creator, a person who has to be creative. A person who has to break out of his comfort zone to experience new things, because the world is changing, artists are units of this world, it can change as well. Maybe reinforcing the work in the last 5 years and 10 years and then move to find new ways to experiment with developing both concepts and methods following the situation that artists will encounter.


JY. Please tell us about your education, family history, work done, and experiences you have gained with those jobs.

PM. I'm pretty fortunate to be born into a family that doesn't pressure me to study what my parents think. They allowed me to be mischievous and study back and forth to find out what I liked until I knew myself enough and then headed that way.

When I got married, I was lucky that my wife was my support. Every situation in my art creation has enabled me to only be able to do art until this day.


JY. What do you mean when you refer to a knowledgable society?

PM. I think that the society in today's world has advanced and knowledge in various media has increased. People can see a variety of art and learn more new things. It is learning from the environment directly with some artists themselves still attached to or in the same framework, but society has developed to another level that perhaps has more abilities and skills than the artist who created it. I work in art and try to respond and use research from people in general society to speak directly to us, distilling from them our self-centered habits and ideas.

JY. On the use of color as a medium of presentation.

PM. I'm quite adept at using oil paints, but the major turning point is that some work methods take too much time and can't keep up with the idea. So I experimented with some acrylic paints for the fun and excitement of discovering something new.And sometimes I mold it with acrylic paint first and then mix it with oil paint in some places.


Kahlil Gibran

I studied his work during college because sometimes with self-paced artworks, I don't have any information or concepts to work on, or my experience in life is still scarce, so I have to rely on many philosophical concepts to be read, to enhance my knowledge. I still use the Buddhist content of The Buddha, as usual, every day.

Teach them to live a human life and then create art.




Artist: Palut Marod


        MFA (Painting) the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Art, Silpakorn University

        B.F.A. (Painting) the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Art, Silpakorn University

        Wat Rachathiwass School

        Selected exhibitions from the year 2001


Past Exhibitions


2010        The Color of Beijing at Krungthai Bank Gallery, Bangkok

                "Gaysorn Silpa" at Sombatpermpoon Gallery, Bangkok

                The 2nd Art Exhibition of the International Visual Artist Association of Thailand at Queen Gallery, Bangkok

                Christie's auction Southeast Asian Modern Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

        "Uoon I Rak" at Queen Gallery, Bangkok

2011        Festival Thailand Culture at Romania

        The3rd  Art Exhibition of the International Visual Artist Association of  Thailand at Queen Gallery, Bangkok

2012        "So What?", Art Group Exhibition at National Gallery, Bangkok

        Solo Exhibition "Spirit of Women" at Ardel Third Place, Bangkok

        55 Artists, 55 Faith at Panisa Gallery, Chiangmai

        Art Exhibition contemporary artists fight for the flood at national Gallery, Bangkok

        Sotheby's auction Southeast Asian Modern Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

2013        Christie's auction Southeast Asian Modern Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

        Sotheby's auction Southeast Asian Modern Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

        "The Royal Father in Our Hearts",  Art Exhibition at O.P. Place, Bangkok


        "MOI / SOI", S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok

        Art Paris Art Fair 2014, France

        La Fête 2014, S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok

        "ASEAN Contemporary Painting Project" In the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Department of Painting, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok

        BEIRUT ART FAIR, Beirut, Lebanon

        DIAS2014 Daejeon International Art Show at Korea Trade Exhibition Center, Daejeon

        Art Fair 2014 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center

2015        Thai Auction House 2015

        Auction Sotheby's Modern & Contemporary Southeast Asian Art, at Hong Kong 2015

        Art Exhibition 18 Degrees at Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok

2016        Lacquerware Art with Master Viet Nguyen at Vietnam

        Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016

        Solo Exhibition "The Secret of Devil" at Subhashok The Arts Centre

2017        Japan International calligraphy and painting exchange association at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

        "SATI" Art Exhibition at DUKE CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, Bangkok

        The Charity Auction for SOS children's village at 30th anniversary Raimon Land Party, Bangkok

         When A Man Loves A Woman at Centara Hotel, Bangkok

        Indo-Indie Visual Art by Poysien Group at Pohchang Museum and Art Gallery, Bangkok

        Configuration Parallel Universe at G13 Gallery, Malaysia

2018        Silk Journey to Art World Tour Exhibition, Singapore

                NUDE at Duke Contemporary Art Space, Bangkok

        International ART MEET 2018, at Pilani and Rajasthan, India

        Faith Beyond Earth at MOCA, Bangkok

        Hotel Art Fair Bangkok 2018 at 137 Pillars Suits of Residences, Bangkok

2019        Pattani Heritage City at Pattani, Thailand

        Hotel Art Fair Bangkok 2019 at W Hotel, Bangkok

        BARAME ART Charity at Chachengsow, Thailand

        Virgo at Sathorn 11 Gallery, Bangkok

        The12th Art Exhibition of International Visual Artists Association of Thailand, at Rajchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok

2020        Play Time Art Exhibition at PLAY art house, Bangkok

        Duo Exhibition: One's World Mate, Joyman Gallery

        Group Exhibition: The 13th Art Exhibition of International Visual Artists Association of Thailand, The Queen's Gallery

        "Fighting Covid-19 with heARTS" at Rajchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok

2021        The Signature at ICONSIAM, Bangkok

        Art Exhibition Flowers Bloom at River city Bangkok

        Mango Art Festival 3-6 April 2021 at Lhong 1919, Bangkok



1994        MESEUM YIPINSOY Scholarship

1996        "Scholarship to Italy-France" by Dr. Chumpol Pornprapa

2004        "Scholarship to India" by Dr. Chumpol Pornprapa 

2006        "Scholarship to China" by Dr. Chumpol Pornprapa 

2009        "Scholarship to China (Beijing)" by Dr. Chumpol Pornprapa 

2011        "Scholarship to China (Romania and Bulgaria)" by Dr. Chumpol Pornprapa 


Solo Exhibitions

•       [2009]Solo Exhibition "Spirit of Nature" at Jamjuree Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

•       [2009]Solo Exhibition "Mystery of Angel" at Rose Garden Gallery, Nokonprathom, Thailand

•       [2012]Solo Exhibition "Spirit of Women" at Ardel Third Place, Bangkok, Thailand

•       [2016]Solo Exhibition "The Secret of Devil" at Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

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