Paul Marod interview | Janine Yasovant | Scene4 Magazine-October 2021 | www.scene4.com

Palut Marod
พลุตม์ มารอด

Art is all about experiences, and what touches your heart. When I experience something, someone, or some event, I want to express it in my art.

Janine Yasovant

Going Their Own Way
Land, Val

Land is the portrait of a loner; Val is the story of a man who has been fiercely alone all his life, even when moving among some of the most renowned show-business figures.

Miles David Moore

Land | reviewed by Miles David Moore | Scene4 Magazine | October 2021 | www.scene4.com
Whispered Footsteps - Part Five | Carla Maria Verdino-Sullwold | Scene4 Magazine | October 2021 | www.scene4.com

Whispered Footsteps: An Immigrant Journey - Part Five

We have reaped the same grain.
We have sung the same songs.
We have shed the same sweat.
The same skin burns with the sun

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold

I Left at Dawn for the Eternal City:
It Seems That I Have Misplaced
Several Days -
Part One

Can one speak from beyond the place where language ends? I have spent five decades in exploring and learning and testing how to do so.

Brian George


Hair Today
Michael Bettencourt | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comMitch, played by Billy Crystal in the 1990 movie City Slickers, has a rather emphatic middle-aged concern: he really wants to have the hair to prove his manliness.
Michael Bettencourt

Monkey Do Monkey See
Arthur Danin Adler | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comThe only way to overcome things that go bump in the night is to turn on all the lights, look into a mirror, and see you. You are the thing that goes bump in the night.
Arthur Danin Adler

I Yam What I Yam
Claudine Jones | Scene4 MagazineI can hear my little brother saying that. He's a terrific mimic. He does a bang-on riff of Three Stooges routines. Funny guy always cracking jokes.
Claudine Jones

The Legacy of Billy Jack (the 50th anniversary)
Les Marcott | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comThe critics (and there were many) said there was nothing remarkable about the 1971 cult film Billy Jack. They said the plot was uncomplicated, the dialogue sparse. 
Les Marcott

Mother Medusa
Gregory Luce | Scene4 MagazineJane Rosenberg LaForge's Medusa's Daughter, in the author's words, "interrogates the relationship I had
with my mother."

Gregory Luce

My Three Greatest Americans: #3-Bugs Bunny
Patrick Walsh | Scene4 MagazineInsouciant. Mischievous. Hilarious.
A trickster with a heart of gold. Cute too.
And unquestionably, indubitably American.

Patrick Walsh



September 12, A Love Story
In September 2001, Andrea Carter Brown lived a block from the twin towers of the World Trade Center. She could see them out her apartment window.
Karren Alenier

Kandinsky Anew | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

Editor's Choice: Kandinsky Newly Anew
Kandinsky's works came fully into the public domain in 2019, and with them an explosion of interest from many quarters.
Lissa Tyler Renaud

Visual Poems

Invitation to a Beheading
It's A Steal
Paradise Lost
Paradise Regained
Many Mansions

David Alpaugh

Visual Poems | David Alpaugh | Scene4 Magazine | October 2021 | www.scene4.com



Blue | Jon Rendell | Scene4 Magazine | October 2021 | www.scene4.com
What's In A Title? | Phillip Gerstein | Scene4 Magazine | October 2021 | www.scene4.com
At the Start of the Grand Canal | David Wiley | Scene4 Magazine | September 2021 | www.scene4.com|
Fire Reborn | The Art of SS Burrus-A Retrospective | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

The Photography of Jon Rendell

What's in a Title? Dead and Alive
(Decidedly post-Schrödinger)

The Art of Philip Gerstein

Gypsy Dancer #2
The Art of David Wiley

The Art of SS. Burrus
A Retrospective

When the Earth is ravaged
and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people will appear
on the Earth


The World Without Him   Altenir Silva 
Roma, Italy, November 2, 1975: Giuseppe (Pino) Pelosi, a 17-year-old hustler, confessed that he killed Pier Paolo Pasolini, poet, screenwriter, filmmaker, communist and homosexual.



Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Audio | Theatre Thoughts  | Michael Bettencourt  | www.scene4.com

Theatre Thoughts
An entertaining array of audio essays on an array
of theatre topics by an astute and entertaining essayist

You Don't Say!
Occasional Musings by an occasionally amused writer



Undress Me  
In a bar, Laura turns to Stefan and asks him to undress her
by word of mouth, in his best mother tongue

Light Fantastic 
Weighty matters of brain neurons and addiction, two kisses,
single-malt scotch, and the green dance of blue and yellow lasers

Ear Buds
What happens when we love our devices
 — and they love us back

The Greed Gene
A young couple is told by their genetic counselor that
their child has the greed gene, there is nothing they can do


Letters to
the Editor





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Karren Alenier
The Dresser addresses what's
underneath the art

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