A Tale of Two West Side Stories | Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold | Scene4 Magazine -February 2022  www.scene4.com

A Tale of Two West Side Stories

The powerful originality of the new at the same time reminds what a remarkable film in its own right the Jerome Robbins-Robert Wise original was.

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold

All Is Not Well
Don't Look Up, The Power of the Dog

There aren't many movies that present themselves as
 instant masterpieces, but
The Power of the Dog is one.

Miles David Moore

Don't Look Up | reviewed by Miles David Moore | Scene4 Magazine -February 2022  www.scene4.com
On the Level | Jon Rendell | Scene4 Magazine -February 2022  www.scene4.com

On The Level
San Francisco's steepest streets and the houses that cling to them

The Photography of Jon Rendell

So, We Thought We Knew Who We Are

How does one keep a young black male safe in America?

Karren Alenier

So We Thought We Knew Who we are | Karren Alenier | Scene4 Magazine - February 2022 | Scene4 Magazine  www.scene4.com


Going Dual
Michael Bettencourt | Scene4 MagazineHow can anyone promote the notion that you can study American history without investigating how it was shaped by slavery and its racist aftermaths?
Michael Bettencourt

Speaketh and Not Heareth
Arthur Danin Adler | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comThe gift of speech, a gift that is now a fading heirloom. Which means that we are awash in half-actors and half-singers, and half-newsreaders... all half-speakers.
Arthur Danin Adler

Claudine Jones | Scene4 MagazineComing up on the one-year death-iversary and yet if I take non-duality seriously there is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow.
Claudine Jones

Elvis Has Left The Building
Les Marcott | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comThis announcement would linger on till the end of his career when he was just a corpulent ghost of his former glorious and regal self.
Les Marcott

Winter Notes
Gregory Luce | Scene4 MagazineOne of the most vexed topics in the contemporary art and literary world is that of cultural appropriation. What is it, when is it acceptable and when is it an affront?
Gregory Luce

Perfect Album: The Doors
Patrick Walsh | Scene4 MagazineThe other lost possibility is "Break On Through (To The Other Side)," which hurls the listener into one of Rock's greatest debuts, a perfect album called The Doors.
Patrick Walsh



The Difference Is Spreading!
Al Filreis has been making a difference in teaching and leading notably the uninitiated as well as the experienced poet into the world of poetry.
Karren Alenier

Kandinsky Anew | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

"Kandinsky" and Kandinsky:
Towards A Larger Conversation 2011-2022

Lissa Tyler Renaud

Visual Poems

Space Monkey
Richard Cory
Do you?
Crazy Dave Answers

David Alpaugh

Visual Poems | David Alpaugh | Scene4 Magazine - February 2022  www.scene4.com

Wanda Chaima
วันดา ใจมา

Her paintings are awe-inspiring and fascinate art enthusiasts. Her trajectory:
contemporary art within a chaotic world

Janine Yasovant

Wanda Chaima | interviewed by Janine Yasovant | Scene4 Magazine - February 2022  www.scene4.com



Minstrel-Show | Philip Gerstein | Scene4 Magazine - February 2022  www.scene4.com-
Birdwatch | David Wiley | Scene4 Magazine - February 2022  www.scene4.com
Fire Reborn | The Art of SS Burrus-A Retrospective | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com
Patrick Nagel - It's In the Eyes | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

Lyrical Realism
into Poetic Abstraction

The Art of Philip Gerstein

Farm Life 

The Art of David Wiley

The Art of SS. Burrus
A Retrospective

When the Earth is ravaged
and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people will appear
on the Earth

Patrick Nagel
It's in the Eyes


The Immigrant   Altenir Silva 
But I consider your country as the most democratic place to make a life.



Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Audio | Theatre Thoughts  | Michael Bettencourt  | www.scene4.com

Theatre Thoughts
An entertaining array of audio essays on an array
of theatre topics by an astute and entertaining essayist

You Don't Say!
Occasional Musings by an occasionally amused writer



Undress Me  
In a bar, Laura turns to Stefan and asks him to undress her
by word of mouth, in his best mother tongue

Light Fantastic 
Weighty matters of brain neurons and addiction, two kisses,
single-malt scotch, and the green dance of blue and yellow lasers

Ear Buds
What happens when we love our devices
 — and they love us back

The Greed Gene
A young couple is told by their genetic counselor that
their child has the greed gene, there is nothing they can do


Letters to the Editor







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Karren Alenier
The Dresser addresses what's
underneath the art

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