April 2024

April 2024 · Issue 292 Volume 24

Publisher Emeritus
Maurice Elstein
Peter Genot
Arthur Danin Adler
Managing Editor
Paula Weiss
Contributing Editors
Sense Kashigawa
Janise Elstein
Associate Editors
Ravi Shukla
Tariya Vathanakul
Production Editors
Will Benton
Maria Tansiz
Design/Art Direction
Jevrah Stone
Media/Film Production
Martin Selkirk
Senior Writers
Michael Bettencourt
Renate Stendhal
Claudine Jones
Karren Alenier
Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
Miles David Moore
Janine Yasovant
Patrick Walsh
Les Marcott
Gregory Luce
Lissa Tyler Renaud
Visual Artists
Jon Rendell
David Wiley
Philip Gerstein
Film Critic
Miles David Moore
Contributing Writers/Artists
David Alpaugh
Altenir Silva
Brian George
Hans Gallas
Iri Kopal
Selena Zachai
SS. Burrus
Sandeep Girish Bhatnagar
Nathan Thomas
Catherine Conway Honig
Kathi Wolfe
Lia Beachy
Martin Challis
Andrea Kapsaski
Ned Bobkoff
Steve Esquerré
Rich Yurman
John Lee Clark
Hada Tokai
John Freeman
Pål Andreasson
Istar Ramon
Mark Wellman
Administrative Services
Moira Peters Genot
Scene4 Books
Rhonda Merrill
Advertising Services
Toland E. Thomas
Media Representative
D'Arcy-Kane Agency
Legal Counsel
Prentice Moore
W. Shakespeare, et al
Marguerite Duras
Albert Camus
George Orwell
Stanley Kubrick
Federico García Lorca
Dante Gabriel Rosetti
Mr. Welles
Mr. Kane
David Attenborough
Stephen Jay Gould
Christopher Hitchens
Erik Meiselman
Aldous Huxley
Carl Sagan
Joseph De Francesco
Luc Besson
Gene Roddenberry
Franco Zeffirelli
Lenny Bruce
Lawrence Krauss
Lawrence Durrell
Marcus Aurelius
Vladimir Nobokov
Alicia Piroqua
Athena Rousakis
Eugene Pallette
S. Kunas
T. Mitput
Samu Tima
SS. Burrus
Patricia Zeitz
Black Elk
Pina Pellicer
Shirley Day
Maude Adams
Dario Marianelli
Carlos Saura
Rene Estravente
Margaret Hamilton
Eli Cross

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April 2024

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