April 2024

The Color Line
Why, in whatever year of our lord this is, are we still worried by skin colr?


Necro-Political Theatre
When the living use the dead to
construct their histories.


Art That Does Us No Good
Taking advantage, jockeying for
position on the inside rail,
is what humans do best.


By Design
Writing plays is, in the end, about
the designed theatre of a human's


Original Sin
The third in my series of what I
think is real theatre.


Rage As Healing
Sometimes rage is the only appropriate artistic response to the times in which
we live.


Death To The Ten-Minute Play
Something about the short-play format does not sit right.


Gallery Going
Art galleries are very much like theatres, with the same blessings and drawbacks.


Macho Zone
It is such a gift to have the chance to be at the center of a universe.



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Michael Bettencourt is an essayist and a playwright.
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a Senior Writer for Scene4.
Continued thanks to his “prime mate"
and wife, Maria-Beatriz.
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April 2024

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