February 2024


Free Will
MichaelBettencourt | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.comA tranche of physicists, neuroscientists, and philosophers argue that “free will” is an illusion, a feeling that people have about the actions they take, but not more than that feeling.  
Michael Bettencourt

Floating In the Wind
Arthur Danin Adler  Scene4 MagazineThere was a time when my life and most lives world-round were much simpler. I grew up in upstate New York on the edge of Lake Ontario where I relished the distinct four seasons.
Arthur Danin Adler

Before Jaipur
Claudine Jones | Scene4 MagazineLast night I crashed at about 10 o’clock after a very light, in fact almost invisible Thanksgiving. Peculiar to be sitting there at a lovely table with an empty plate and a glass of seltzer, watching everybody else eat.
Claudine Jones

Book Reviews
Les Marcott | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com
She became an international sensation when slated for execution.
He writes about the dirty rotten business called politics.
She is transformed by the power of American roots music.
Les Marcott

Incorrigible Landscape
Gregory Luce | Scene4 Magazine In December 2020, I had the pleasure of reviewing Helen, or My Hunger by Gale Marie Thompson. I am happy to report that Thompson has finally published a new collection, equally as rich.
Gregory Luce

Patrick Walsh | Scene4 MagazineMusic has many cross-genius collaborations. In film, nothing surpasses Ran, Kurosawa’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play, King Lear. Think about it: Kurosawa covers Shakespeare.
Patrick Walsh


February 2024

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