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Scene4  Nathan Thomas, Michael Bettencourt, Alex Danin Adler, Claudine Jones, Ned Bobkoff, Martin Challis, Andrea Kapsaski, Andréa Carvalho

Nathan Thomas
The Best Defense...
Can people still be offended?

Michael Bettencourt
Howard Barker Strikes Again
I recently saw Lee Blessing's play Going to St. Ives,
where I spent a workman-like evening of theatre.

Arthur Meiselman
The Mooning of Modigliani
Are Jackson Pollack's scribblings à la enema worth
the fortune some people are paying for them?

Claudine Jones
Days of Our Thighs
O to have had an extra inch and a half on one's leg-to-torso  
I would now be an arthritic ex-ballerina

Ned Bobkoff
A Little Oil Lamp Smoking
Adapting A Novel For The Stage
This issue in Focus

Andrea Kapsaski
Vengeance, Bloodlust & Afternoon Tea
This issue in Focus

Martin Challis
The Positive Value of the Negative Experience
Sometimes we have a tendency to weigh ourselves down
with a negative attitude to a negative experience

Andréa Carvalho
Karen Acioly - Just for Kids
This issue in Focus
Karen Acioly - Só pra crianças
Nesta edição,é o destaque na seção Focus.


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