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Claudine Jones
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august 2007

Girl Talk

Well, I've been having quite the season.

 Rode my electric-assist bicycle through five miles of mobbed streets by the side of our RAV4 EV, being driven by my partner Rich, in the Alternative Vehicle section of the City of Alameda Fourth of July Parade.   (Leaving the sparkly red/white/blue decorations to flutter on the car just to let fascist fuckers & Republicans know they don't own the country.)

 The Sopranos is gone, but Big Love is sustaining me. [Sidebar: at our Quatorze Juillet BBQ at my older brother's place, my French mom who is apparently crusading against American TV/Movie violence, leaned over to me and said, sotto voce, "I'm so glad that gangster program is no longer on, you know which one I mean?"  And I said "You mean 'The Sopranos'? And she said,"Yes, yes! That's the one! I HATE that show!"  Surprised the hell out of me. My mom doesn't even get HBO.]

 Stefano Dimera is back on Days of Our Lives.

 Four month anniversary of my present past Yvette Mimieux hairstyle and I'm still not tired of it. Like I'm back in high school which is no revelation since my 40th reunion is in a couple of weeks. (My old boyfriend suggested that we create our own altereunion and avoid the limo ride & the Bay Cruise. He doesn't relish the idea of being trapped on a boat for 5 hours with a bunch of strangers, which, let's face it, is what they are: faces in the yearbook. And so many of them dead, too. I think it was sort of gauche for the organizing committee to keep mailing out reminders with lists of the people they can't find, and still publishing a memorial page on the official website with pictures of the departed who are included on those lists.) 

 So, we'll do our own thing with the old folks who are the kids we had fun with.

 Gotten almost all of the Dixie Chicks albums, since I saw Shut Up & Sing, and my voice is moving into an interesting 'chickie' place (only in the car as yet gotta get me that karaoke.)

 Rich bought a huge apricot pie from a local organic bakery for $25 (!) but it was worth it. With two and a half pounds of the gigantic crop that has appeared in our local produce markets and neighborhoods, I made a follow-up apricot pie (had to consume most of it myself, though—don't ask.)

 Fun in the sack! (See bike riding above.)

 Found a white wine we both like. (See sex above.)

 My little brother got married & I performed a wedding for Captain Kirk's Sailing Adventures out on San Francisco Bay. Despite the Mark Twain thing about winter in SF summer, it was so balmy we thought 'oops, global warming!' 

 Playing chess like I know what I'm doing.

 Got kewl new plastic glasses (stop short of Sophia Loren) without bifocal lenses (bleah) to replace my circa 1970 wireframes which were damaged past repair, (but useful for flossing in the car—oh well.)

 Had a wonderful lunch with Rich's poet friend A.H.B. on a book tour and her husband T. (a dead ringer for Geoffrey Rush) and we discovered that all four of us love goat cheese and hate rosemary.

 Talked to my youngest son one evening. He said "Ma, are you sitting down?"

 Gonna be a gramma. First time.


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Like an orthopedic soprano, Actor/Singer/Dancer Claudine Jones has worked steadily in Bay Area joints for a number of decades. With her co-conspirator Jaz Bonhooley, she also has developed unique sound designs for local venues.
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august 2007

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