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Michael Bettencourt

Arthur Meiselman

Nathan Thomas

Les Marcott

Martin Challis

Lia Beachy

Claudine Jones

Scene4 Magazine - inView - Commentary

The Gut In The Head
Howard Barker - between what's in my head and what's on stage

Ingmar Bergman
His theatre of film

What Is It . . . You Do . . . Exactly?
There's a strong possibility that acting can't be taught

A Monologue In D Minor
While you slept, the world still turned on its axis

The Fireman, The Witness And The Cloud Of Unknowing
A Discussion On Critical Reflective Practice

Summer Camp
Novelists don't make it onto Oprah watching too much TV

Girl Talk
Well, I've been having quite the season.

Scene4 Magazine-International Magazine of Arts and Media

august 2007

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