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Lady in Black

ladyblack-cover-s2Lady in Black, is not a writer's fantasy, but a weaver's dream. All words woven into the tapestry of life with colors dark and throbbing. Farzana Moon weaves a story based on the myth that when a serpent gets to be one hundred year old, it can transform itself into human form. The protagonist is believed to be this serpent, though she is a living, breathing goddess of beauty and wisdom. Wedded three times and widowed as many times, she meets the god of her love in the fourth one. Immolating her life in the end, instead of becoming the cause of her husband's death. The lush green valley of Khanaspur is the breathtaking setting against the clouds of warfare, witnessing the pangs of birth to deliver India and Pakistan into the world of Independence. It is a beautiful and sometimes terrifying story. Click to Read


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August 2009

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