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August 2009

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Michael Bettencourt
Life of the Daily Adequate
I had also had pretentions to take up dancing
as a career.  And there came
a moment - that moment

Arthur Meiselman
Life Upon the Wicked Stage
Want to act, must act, can't live without it? Get a license! Or... satisfy your masturbatory performing fantasy by joining a Reality television show.

Nathan Thomas
Playing with Plays
The purpose of a play is to be worked
on by a group of folks.  Each person
engages the play from a distinct perspective

Les Marcott
Unforgettable Lines from
Unforgettable Songs

When an intellectual argument won't suffice
and an emotional connection is needed
song lyrics work quite nicely

Claudine Jones
Sick of It
My sainted mother said 'don't take it so seriously'
but every rehearsal was the same torture
Isn't torture supposed to be illegal?

Martin Challis
A Man of Style & Grace

There was never a hint of status-play or ego.
I remember feeling included and
inspired by him on very occasion we played.

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Scene4 Magazine: Miles David Moore reviews "Star Trek" and "The Brothers Bloom"
Scene4 Magazine - Arts and Media: July 2009 -  Pina Bausch - Andrea Kapsaski
Scene4 Magazine: Renate Stendhal reviews Anna Netrebko in "La Traviata"
Scene4 Magazine - Arts and Media: Lilit Pra Lor - Janine Yasovant

FILM Reviews
Old Myths, New Myths
Star Trek
The Brothers Bloom
Miles David Moore

Pina Bausch
Andrea Kapsaski

Anna Netrebko
La Traviata

Renate Stendhal

Lilit Pra Lor
Janine Yasovant
คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

The Steiny Road
to Operadom

The Steiny Road to Fame
When Stein arrived in New York in 1934, she was bowled over by how many ordinary people (even the corner grocer) knew her by name.

 Karren Alenier

Life Among
the Heffalumps

Happy Anniversary, Nick and Nora: Your Wit and Martinis Will
Never Grow Old

Kathi Wolfe

Scene4 Magazine — inSight - perspectives on arts and media
Scene4 Magazine - Karren Alenier - The Steiny Road To Operadom
Scene4 Magazine: Lia Beachy - La Femme La Mujer La Donna

La Femme
La Mujer La Donna

And the Beat Goes On
A simpler time in my life and a way of thinking and feeling about things that was slower, kinder and more thoughtful.
Lia Beachy

Scene4 Magazine - Kathi Wolfe - Life Among The Heffalumps
Scene4 Magazine - Arts and Media: July 2009 -  Old Hippy "Gilbert Rules" by Elliot Feldman

Old Hippy
Gilbert Rules!
Elliot Feldman

The serialization of a new novel by
Martin Challis
In a small country town in outback Australia a young man is confronted with the fact that
his father is missing presumed dead.
Chapter Eight -Down
How had it come to this he wondered? Landing a single engine plane on a disused airfield on a whim. What he was doing carried great risk.

Scene4 Magazine: "Where Cedar Falls" by Martin Challis
Scene4 Magazine: New Technology

Read our recent reviews.
And, look for our coming review on printers and the resurgence of
Black & White Photography

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Lady in Black

Scene4 Magazine Arts and Media: "Lady In Black" by Farzana Moon"Lady in Black, is not a writer's fantasy, but a weaver's dream. All words woven into the tapestry of life with colors dark and throbbing. Farzana Moon weaves a story based on the myth that when a serpent gets to be one hundred year old, it can transform itself into human form. The protagonist is believed to be this serpent, though she is a living, breathing goddess of beauty and wisdom. Wedded three times and widowed as many times, she meets the god of her love in the fourth one. Immolating her life in the end, instead of becoming the cause of her husband's death. The lush green valley of Khanaspur is the breathtaking setting against the clouds of warfare, witnessing the pangs of birth to deliver India and Pakistan into the world of Independence. It is a beautiful and sometimes terrifying story. Click to Read

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August 2009

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