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Andrea Kapsaski
Erotica 2006
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december 2006

In the year 138 AD the Greek physician Soranus promoted a new form of contraception.  At the moment of ejaculation, the woman should draw back, jump up, squat down and provoke a series of sneezes. You didn't know that? Then most probably you missed Erotica 2006, the UK's premier adult consumer show offering the very best in products and services intended to enhance one's love life, a celebration of the sensual side of life in a safe and stimulating environment.

With over 150 exhibitors, all day stage shows, an Art gallery and live models, well, what is it about? Sex, sex and again sex. Scene4 Magazine - Erotica 2006From beauty and cosmetics to novelties and curiosities, beds and bedding, shoes, fetish and footwear—nothing was left out. For the first time since it's launch in 1997, the Eroticaition at Olympia had been granted a licence to show full nudity. But naturists were warned not to turn up baring all; the nudity was restricted to the stage show only.

The Erotica event, held this year from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st November, is the biggest of its kind in Europe with some 70,000 visitors expected to flock to the exhibition over the three days. The introduction of the full nudity licence not only shows that British attitudes towards sex are becoming more liberal but also means that the stage show can give the crowds that little bit extra! The live stage show is one of the main attractions at the exhibition and is put together by the world's largest Fetish Club "TortureGarden". Their erotic, humorous, cutting-edge performances are a legendary part of the entire Erotica experience. But just because they were allowed nudity doesn't mean that they were going to flaunt it. Allen Pelling, director and stage show co-ordinator said 'The nudity will be fleeting and discrete. Hopefully the audience will be left thinking, "Did I just see that?" I think that subtlety is far more seductive.

Sex and the Brits? According to a new poll four out of ten Britons would be prepared to give up sex if it meant they could live to be 100.One in eight women between the ages of 16 and 50 had no sex in the past year while the vast majority had only one partner, says a new report which paints Britain as a largely monogamous if not "sexless" society. The portrait of Britain's attitude towards sex and relationships was revealed by compelling socio-cultural data from the Office for National Statistics. The fact that so many Britons have no sex is perhaps the most surprising detail, dispelling the widespread belief in record levels of infidelity and promiscuity.

According to the ONS survey, one in six men under 70 had no sexual partners in the past year, while 73 per cent had only one partner and 12 per cent had more than one. For women, seven per cent had more than one.

Yeah, sure!

Britain is the country with the highest rate of teenage pregnancies and an amazingly increasing number of sex and swinger clubs.

'You! hypocrite lecteur!—mon semblable,—mon frère'.

Come on, Britons, no need to hide any longer. Let Dionysus pour wine to intoxicate you and surrender yourself to Aphrodite's seductive magic. 

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december 2006

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