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Michael Bettencourt

Arthur Meiselman

Nathan Thomas

Andrea Kapsaski

Les Marcott

Martin Challis

Claudine Jones

Politics Is An Egg The Theatre Cannot Hatch

A state of dismal about "Coast of Utopia" and Tom Stoppard


Anthony Hopkins Unwired!
He gave up Method acting, the dig deep in your soul approach years ago

Americans At The Theatre
Good plays, mediocre plays, bad plays – Americans love stories

Erotica 2006
What is it all about? Sex, sex and again... sex

When The Grim Reaper Comes Calling
Jimmie Rodgers and Johnny Cash knew death was coming

The Art of Noticing—A Scientific Use of Feelings
You want to really be 'in it' but it ain't happening

Chainsaw Man
It's probably never a good idea to confront a stranger


What's This?


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december 2006

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