December 2011

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Michael Bettencourt
Walkabout Thoughts
I'm walking down the street and I'm talking to myself.  And the thought I'm having is this.  First of all, it's not about me as the writer, not about a career as a writer.  It is about something else. It's about taking what I write to create value.

Arthur Meiselman
Singers of Songs
A continuous dimension I travel through is music. It is the balance to my visual world and a purveyor of intimate and relentless privacy. In that dimension, of all the singers I have ever heard, seen, enjoyed, opera, theatre, jazz, pop,
only two linger and hover above
all the other voices. Both are American.

 Nathan Thomas
Why Don't You Speak Better?

 In America, we haven't quite found a way to embrace the various dialects of American English.  We hold out as a model a region-less, dialect-less speech. This kind of speech is very American – "I come from nowhere and will disappear ultimately like the will o' the wisp." We do not use the dialects of our country. And some dialects we actively dislike.

Les Marcott
The Santa Claus Monlogues

There's no red carpet treatment this year Santa. No helicopter arrival. No band. No parade. No fanfare. No grand entrance. It's the year of lowered expectations. You'll simply arrive in a rusty Olds 98 pushed by volunteers. You'll come through the back way and make a brief statement. You'll then sit down with the kids, read a story, take a few pictures, and walk back to the rusty Olds and be pushed away. Santa simply can't promise more than he can deliver.

Claudine Jones
chocklit Kleen

I forget why, but I did update my passport somewhat recently (oh yeah, went to Guam. Oops, blocked that out) & so had to get a new photo. It has to 'look' like you. No smiling and no scarves or hats either. I took some trouble to appear 'natural'—not to run afoul of the *shudder* TSA—and yet now less than a year later, the hair is not behaving...yag. I know I've said before that with me it's all about the hair, but really. I'm serious.

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December 2011

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