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December 2011

Scene4 Magazine — reView - review film, theatre, dance, music and other arts
Scene4 Magazine: "The Ides of March", "Margin Call" reviewed by Miles David Moore December 2011

FILM (reviews)
The Ides of March, Margin Call
Both films feature dream casts and long stretches of high-intensity dialogue, but only one persuades us of the overwhelming, poisonous importance of the skullduggery it portrays.
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: "Red Mother" |  Ned Bobkoff  December 2011

Red Mother

Using Brecht's "Mother Courage" as a jumping off place, Muriel Miguel of the Spider Woman Theater Ensemble embraced the war torn, twisted reality of a native woman worming her way from one war to the next
Ned Bobkoff

Scene4 Magazine: Richard Cory's Untold Story | David Alpaugh December 2011

Richard Cory's Untold Story

Much envied by the "people on the pavement" he went home "one calm summer night" and "put a bullet through his head."
David Alpaugh

Scene4 Magazine: "Xerxes by Händel" by Renate Stendhal December 2011

Xerxes by Händel

San Francisco Opera may have already reached the zenith of this season with Händel's one and only "comic" opera.
Renate Stendhal

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December 2011

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