December 2012

Scene4 Magazine: "Argo" reviewed by Miles David Moore | December 2012

FILM (reviews)
Argo, The Sessions,
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Iran and the Middle East have been so explosively persistent in the news that it's hard to believe the Iran hostage crisis was 33 years ago. But even if it seemed distant, Ben Affleck's Argo brings it all back to terrifying life.
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: The Art of David Wiley | December 2012 |

The Art of
David Wiley

When I read Wiley's poetry or see his paintings, I feel as if I might become synesthetic, too.
Lissa Tyler Renaud

Scene4 Magazine - Jake Heggie's "Moby Dick" | reviewed by Renate Stendhal | December 2012 |

Jake Heggie's Moby Dick

At San Francisco Opera
Flying Nantucket-Man?
Renate Stendhal



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December 2012

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