June 2011

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Antoine's Beef/Luther's Hammer
Today,we have a theatre that diddles itself for the purpose of seating butts and has nothing to say of any importance about anything important.
Michael Bettencourt

Lingua Franca
STOP! You're speaking gibberish to me.
Arthur Meiselman

A Speech You Can Use
On your graduation day, better to learn how to make a delicious cookie than to hear empty blather.  Or the truth.
Nathan Thomas

Driving the Kiddie Train
A Story

What he didn't survive was a rather indiscrete affair with one of the wives of a very important U.S. ally – a potentate of a strategic Middle Eastern kingdom whom he was supposed to protect.
Les Marcott

That Is Not What I Do
The definition of masturbation I read in my dad's old 1932 Webster's was not exactly current. I've made fun of that definition many times, but I truly absorbed the functional aspect just recently. 
Claudine Jones


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June 2011

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