Scene4 Magazine: "Rubber", "Source Code" reviewed by Miles David Moore June 2011

FILM (Reviews)
Source Code

Every Hollywood thriller these days seems to be a combination of several others, the only distinction being how well the director and writer at hand put together the spare parts. 
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magaine - "Vox 2011" reviewed by Karren Alenier | June 2011

VOX 2011

No matter what the economic wonks say about how the United States economy is improving, the abysmal financial situation in the arts is everywhere apparent.
Karren Alenier

Scene4 Magazine: "See Gertrude Stein: Five Stories" reviewed by Renate Stendhal June 2011

Seeing Gertrude Stein:
Five Stories

At the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco... with more surprises in store!
Renate Stendhal

Scene4 Magazine: "The Plot Against My Favorite Leonard Cohen Song" | David Alpaugh  June 2011

The Plot Against My
Favorite Leonard Cohen Song

The threat to destroy a great song for over 25 years.
David Alpaugh

Scene4 Magazine: "Sistah Tribe - Let the Phoenix Rise" | Sheri Heller  June 2011

Let the Phoenix Rise

Audiences have called it "moving and powerful," "brave theater," "stirring, provocative, achingly-triumphant," "raw storytelling at its best".
Sheri Heller

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June 2011

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June 2011

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Gertrude Stein-In Words and Pictures - Renate Stendhal