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Scene4  Nathan Thomas, Michael Bettencourt, Alex Danin Adler, Claudine Jones, Ned Bobkoff, Martin Challis, Andrea Kapsaski, Andréa Carvalho

Nathan Thomas
Universal Questions
Is someone alive or young or yet to be born
who will think of acting in a new way?

Michael Bettencourt
The Weight of Theatre
good measure of a play's success is the degree to which it keeps audience members from remembering that they have bladders that need emptying.

Arthur Meiselman
A Life In Pursuit of the Art of Love
Interview with Julius Krinski
This issue in Focus

Claudine Jones
XL Spreadsheet Blues
As an under-employed actor, I am under the unpleasant misfortune
of having to maintain a day job.

Ned Bobkoff
A Little Oil Lamp Smoking
Adapting A Novel For The Stage
This issue in Focus

Andrea Kapsaski
Elfriede Jelinek: The Opposite of Pornography
She was called a "Nestbeschmutzer" (nest-fouler), a "sensationalist,
communist, and "anti-American hack".

Martin Challis
The Power of Ensemble
For the past three weeks I have been working
on a low budget feature film

Andréa Carvalho
  The Day I Met Denise Stoklos - Louise Bourgeois
 Denise Stoklos - Louise Bourgeois does, undoes and redoes.
 She expresses a single concept: "life-art".

 O dia em que encontrei Denise Stoklos Louise Bourgeois
Denise Stoklos Louise Bourgeois faz, desfaz, refaz.
Expressa um único neologismo: "vidarte".



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