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Nothing Personal

Charles, an adjunct art history professor, has driven to upstate NY to meet the chair of the Art department he works for. He teaches online so he's never met her. A recent paperwork "mix-up" almost cost him his health insurance. When he comes face-to-face with Nancy, he realizes that she is setting him up so she can hand his online teaching job to her pregnant daughter-in-law. But Charles is not going to go quietly into the digital night in this tale of social Darwinism set in world of corporatized higher education.

Thomas Kee
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The Lonesome Death of Janis Joplin

Locked in her hotel room, convinced she is washed up and unwilling to sing before her huge auditorium of screaming fans, Janis Joplin tries and fails to raise her manager on the phone. She calls room service for sedatives but none come. Finally she addresses the mirror, which, to her horror, talks back. The SINGER in the mirror is an old, tough blues woman who may or may not be Bessie Smith, but makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she has no patience with the whining little girl routine.

Atar Hadari
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September 2012

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