September 2012


Sociable Contract
Michael Bettencourt
Scene4 Magazine: Michael Bettencourt |
 Everything I do, and
 everything everybody does,
 has a consequence, either
 helpful or harmful, for
 someone else.

 Lingua Thai
 Arthur Meiselman
Scene4 Magazine: Arthur Meiselman |
For a time in the last century European languages dominated international communication. Speak them not, and you were considered 'second class'.

Lies and Damn Lies
Nathan Thomas

Scene4 Magazine: Nathan Thomas | My summer has been typified by a night in which my beautiful daughter was visited by the Dark Angel of the Projectile Vomit that made Sir Ian Holmes' explosive scene in Alien look mild by comparison

The Ignorant Traveler
Les Marcott

Scene4 Magazine: Les Marcott | www.scene4.comIt all started with a bit of small talk at a local shoe store.  A man and wife browsing for deck shoes noted that he once had a pair of boots made while on vacation in Mexico.


Damn You, Meryl Streep
Claudine Jones

Scene4 Magazine: Claudine Jones | Being white in the sixties was a problem: all my heroes were people of color: Gandhi, Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte—of course I loved Pete Seeger, too;  yet...


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September 2012

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